Boombayey Podcast # 2

Welcome to the second episode of Boombayey Podcast  with Terry Foster. Joining Terry for this show is Ryan, E.Lund, and special guests Rhonda Moss, and Rico Beard.

Segment 1: Too hot for radio storytime with Terry.  Why are you not watching ESPN? Do  play by play crews add anything to the game?

Segment 2: Michigan and MSU seasons so far and where they’re headed.

Bonus segment: Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling

Another podcast coming Thursday!




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Welcome to my new blog and pod cast

Hello again.

My name is Terry Foster and I am the guy that used to write for the news paper in Detroit and did sports talk radio.

My life was on a roll until I suffered a stroke last year and my life has changed. I blame myself for not monitoring my blood pressure better. A doctor has since told me that I may have been dealt a bad set of veins inside my brain and they were ticking time bombs ready to clog up.

I was lucky. The veins became sluggish, but not clogged. So I lived another day.

I am a new man and I want to share my thoughts with old friends in this blog and through podcasting. I will talk about my new life, my old life, Detroit sports, or whatever else crosses my mind. It will be personal at times. And I will rap on real life and real issues.

In other words I want to be a voice, no matter how small it may be now.

I also need your help. I want to pay the people helping me and donate to charities I’ve worked with.  Heart to Hart passes out food, blankets, clothing and personal items to the homeless while the Enchanted Barn saves and houses mistreated animals and has inner city kids come out and  learn to take care of them.

My pal Melissa runs the Enchanted Barn and needs our help.

I got involved with Heart to Hart after seeing people huddle near steam pipes on cold winter days after leaving Lion games at night. My heart sank seeing this.

Selfishly I still want to get my word out and entertain even though I am retired. And why not tryet to help those that help others?

I will continue my blog also. I plan to peck out a few words that I hope entertain you, and move you to action, tears or laughter. If you don’t care what I have to say I won’t be offended. Move on. Nothing to see here.

I will try to help you lose weight.

I will try to help you get healthy.

And I will do the impossible. I will try to get you to understand the Detroit Lions.

And I will eventually pick up a note pad and try to break a story or two. I need to talk to my league people first.

I hope you enjoy. I do believe there is room to praise me or rip me. Go ahead. We are friends.

I will not comment about Donald Trump because pro Trump and anti Trump people are like roaches. They never go away and they keep barking the same nonsense for weeks at a time.

How am I feeling since quitting radio? Good but not great. Doctors say I won’t fully recover until the fall. But I no longer get evening headaches and am not exhausted at the end of the day.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you return again.




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I am a fan of sports, not of sports teams

USP NCAA BASKETBALL: IOWA AT MICHIGAN STATE S BKC USA MII walked among the walking dead Sunday in downtown Detroit.

I took my son Brandon to Little Caesars Arena where he cheered on his beloved Michigan State Spartans against Syracuse in the second round of the NCAA tournament. But the only Detroiters that walked out of that building with smiles on their faces were former Mayor Dave Bing and NBA great Derrick Coleman, who both played for the Orange.

I got to hear the grumbles among the walking dead on Woodward as we walked to the car.

“Why couldn’t they make their shots today?”

“Is the program falling apart?”

“Why were they so flat?”

The loss was so stunning that I even saw a couple Michigan fans who felt sympathy for their little Spartans brothers.

My silent son wore a bright green MSU sweatshirt and a Spartan beanie. He did not utter a word until I asked if he still had a good time despite the unexpected outcome. He assured me that he did and for me the great thing about the day is dad and son got to spend some fun time out of the house and away from mom.

I knew now was not the time to make jokes or crack a smile because he was struggling with the loss.

I never get to experience the feeling of remorse or jubilation following games. I do not root for or against team. I am a sports fan but I am not a fan of any team, which makes me  an odd bean, created by decades of being a sports writer.

No cheering in the press box. It is stamped across the sports world and it is something we abide by. Our views cannot be clouded by fandom because if it were we could never give the public a clear view of what is wrong or right with a team.

I was not among the walking dead after the Spartans loss. I simply walked. I felt bad because I knew my son and Spartan wife wanted to see them advance to the Sweet 16. When I got home there were pillows thrown all around the family room. My wife Abs became so frustrated with MSU’s poor shooting that she spilled water all over the pillows before shutting the television off.

She did not see the end and asked if the game ended in a miracle Jordan Poole hail Mary shot for the Spartans as it did for Michigan against Houston. I told her it did not and I saw the last glimmer of hope leave her eyes.

Now that Michigan State is eliminated she won’t watch the rest of the tournament or the Big Ten network. Basketball no longer a sport for her.

Two days before the game I wore a Spartan beanie. I wore it because I think the hat looks cool and it keeps my bald head warm, not because I am a Spartan fan. I talked to a Spartan fan and before we parted she yelled “Go Green” and paused waiting for me to say “Go White.”

I told her I do not do that. She was disappointed as we parted ways.

I do not do chest bumps or high fives during games. You will never see me put grease paint on my face. I am a fan of sports but I am not a sports fan.






Terry Foster Podcast s21 Thursday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by Chancey, JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

Do you have friend that you just love to bust on? Terry Foster Podcast does. We’ll tell you all about this great guy(no seriously, he’s a very nice guy) However this is a sports podcast and we talk Lions and our exceptions for the soon to be active part of the off season. Speaking of off season, will Stan Van Gundy get that far? We break it down. All this and than some on Terry Foster Podcast.

Terry Foster Podcast s21 Monday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by Chauncey(WDFN alum) JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

Chauncey quickly makes his mark by referring to JD as John more times than anyone has ever in the history of the show.  Tiger Woods is possibly returning to form. Regardless we explore why The Smak hates Tiger. Though JD might hate the ownership style of Mike Illich even more. We hear a story of JD losing a bet to wear a Tigers jersey.

Bracket time. We break down Michigan and Michigan State’s seeding and gauge how far they’ll advance.

All this and more on the newest Terry Foster Podcast!

Wolverines should be mad at Boilermakers, not Spartans

Purdue-logoThe NCAA selection committee dropped a bomb right in the middle of the state of Michigan which has Wolverines and Spartans fighting again.

The Wolverines whipped Michigan State twice, once at Breslin and again during the Big Ten tournament semi final in route to winning the Big Ten tournament. They want to know why they were shipped off to Kansas as a number three seed while the Spartans were rewarded by playing at Little Caesars Arena this weekend?

The Spartans can counter by saying they lost three fewer games, were ranked higher and did win the Big Ten regular season title.

I love when the Wolverines and Spartans battle because I get a front row seat to the show.

But this time your anger is unwarranted. You should be angry with the Purdue Boilermakers who not only got a higher seed (2) while failing to win any titles, but they will also play at the LCA. Boiler Up!

How did that happen?

Purdue has some big wins, but also lost its only game to State and was beaten by Michigan when it counted most.

And the Boilermakers lost six times.

It would be nice if the Wolverines and Spartans chipped in for a caravan and staged a protest in West Lafayette. But that won’t happen. It is difficult to hate a Boilermaker because they don’t threaten anyone.

It is easier to hate your instate brothers and sisters and that is what is happening here. My Spartan friends are gleefully snapping up tickets for Detroit while my Wolverine brothers want to know what the hell is there to do in Wichita?


If you eat right you will look right

girl scout.jpgI was a bad boy during my morning work out Friday morning.

I purchased Girl Scout cookies for the family and then offered some to my friends while they worked out at Planet Fitness.

That’s a no-no, I know. But I was in a silly mood.

I knew my girl Maxine would say no. While I peddled Girl Scout cookies she was in a back work out room showing off new photos of her in a red dress after losing 28 pounds. She did it on Weight Watchers where you monitor your eating based on a points system. She could have enjoyed  a couple cookies but would give up something more filling later in the day.

If you are trying to lose weight you can enjoy Girl Scout cookies too, but you must monitor what you eat and limit treats. Sometimes the cookies are not worth it.

I’ve lost about 45 pounds during my journey for better health and people ask me all the time what I gave up. The answer is nothing. I still enjoy pizza, burgers, fries and steak. But I have limited encounters with my favorite food. Friday or Saturday is my cheat day. Last Saturday I ate at Royale with cheese in Midtown with my son Brandon and it was a sloppy and delicious treat.

Six days a week I am on food lock down. I mostly eat salads, grilled fish and chicken, vegetables and I have fruit with each meal. Let me back track on one thing. I did give up one thing. I no longer drink pop. And that is hard. Things do taste better with a Coke.

The gym is a great place to meet like-minded people who either want to slim down or buff up. As we were watching photos of a slimmer Max one of my work out partners said: “I see people in here for months and nothing changes. They still have the same gut.”

He is right. It is easier to lose weight by eating right and not exercising than it is to exercise and not eat right. It is almost impossible to out work bad eating habits unless you want to enduring daily four hour workouts that drop you to the floor in exhaustion.

Eat right and you will look right.

What you eat is 70-80 percent of weight loss.

People ask if I am hungry all the time. The answer is no. I do crave certain foods but I ask myself “Do I want that piece of cherry pie or do I want to wake up the next day a little lighter?”

I get angry with myself when I miss weight goals. So I skip the pie.

All of my friends said no to the cookies which was a better decision than the one to go to the gym.




Terry Foster Podcast s20 Thursday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by Ryan “Fella” , JD “The Smak” ,and E.Lund

We talk about the U of M vs Ohio State rivalry how its focused on really just one thing. Is MSU basketball great? Terry reminisces about a booze cruise. Speaking of a booze cruise JD bought a jet ski to go to Jobby Nooner. That and much more on Terry Foster Podcast.

Terry Foster Podcast s20 Monday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by Ryan “Fella”, JD “The Smak”, and E.Lund.

Stan Van Gundy is beating the cold temps from being on the coaching hot seat. We discuss if you can save his job. Who is the biggest sports villain in Detroit? It might be one the terrible pro athlete tippers. Who has money to tip after being gouged at the LCA? We talk sports teams and their high prices. The Smak also gives us a report on the Arnold(yes, that Ahhhhnold) Fitness Classic.

Big pharm tried to hook me


opioid-crisis.jpgA few weeks ago my right shoulder began to ache. It felt like somebody struck a match  and set it on fire.

I suspect the pain came from lifting weights as I try to rehab my body and work my way into better shape. I stopped lifting weights and the pain left. But then it returned.

I went to my doctor for help. She recommended rehab for the shoulder. No drugs. No pain killers. She suspected that some ligaments were inflamed or irritated and that stretching along with heat and ice might work.

Three days later I got a call from a woman who represented a drug company. She said she had the answer to my misery. Her company would supply me with pain killers to make my problems go away.

I said no. My doctor did not want me taking pain killers.

The lady was persistent and I started to wonder if this was even legal.

“These drugs are no cost to you. Your insurance company pays for it,” she said. “And we will have the drugs shipped to your home.”

I again said no and she pressed on. Is this how this opioid crisis is being fueled in America? Someone strong arms you, you eventually say yes and you are hooked on drugs for the rest of your life?

I’ve had enough health issues. I do not want to add drug addiction to my list of problems.

I got the woman off the phone, but two weeks later she called back with the same pitch. It reminded me of when I was first approached by an illegal drug dealer in Detroit. He could get me “some good shit” in a day or two. There would be no charge the first time and he’d hand deliver it to me.

I’m sure he was willing to take the hit in hopes of making me a customer for life. I said no then and I said no now.

The bad news is my right shoulder still hurts. Rehab improved my range of motion but did not completely solve my problem. I have a new doctor working with me and he says I have “frozen shoulder.”

I am hoping surgery won’t be necessary.

The god news is I am not part of the opioid crisis that is sweeping this country and killing people.

I’m hoping treatment and rest cures me.

Terry Foster Podcast s19 Thursday

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

We have a spoiler free(mostly) discussion about the number 1 movie in the world Black Panther. We discuss arming school teachers. Terry revels that OJ has always been a jerk, even before he(allegedly) stabbed people. Scotty Bowman kicked Terry and a Red Wing player out the locker room once. Terry tells us who was his banished buddy. And we learn the one time Terry was a fan boy during an interview. All this and more on Terry Foster Podcast.

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