Welcome to my new blog on life

Hello again.

My name is Terry Foster and I am the guy that used to write for the news paper in Detroit and did sports talk radio.

My life was on a roll until I suffered a stroke last year and my life has changed. I blame myself for not monitoring my blood pressure better. A doctor has since told me that I may have been dealt a bad set of veins inside my head and they were ticking time bombs ready to clog up.

I am a new man and I want to share my thoughts with old friends in this blog. I will write about my new life, my old life, Detroit sports, or whatever else crosses my mind. It will be personal at times. And I will rap on real life and real issues.

In other words I want to be a voice, no matter how small it may be now.

So five days a week I plan to peck out a few words that I hope entertain you and some times move you to action, tears or laughter. If you don’t care what I have to say I won’t be offended. Move on. Nothing to see here.

I will try to help you lose weight.

I will try to help you get healthy.

And I will do the impossible. I will try to get you to understand the Detroit Lions.

And I will eventually pick up a note pad and try to break a story or two. I need to talk to my league people first.

I hope you enjoy. I do believe there is room to praise me or rip me. Go ahead. We are friends.

I will not comment about Donald Trump because pro Trump and anti Trump people are like roaches. They never go away and they keep barking the same nonsense for weeks at a time.

How am I feeling since quitting radio? Good but not great. Doctors say I won’t fully recover until the fall. But I no longer get evening headaches and am not exhausted at the end of the day.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you return again.




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My new podcast is up and running

If you have a mouth on you and enjoy talking you might be hearing from me.

I just launched the Terry Foster’s boombaye podcast and I am asking for a little help from my friends to keep it going. My health is improving daily and I thought now was the time to get into podcasting. My younger friends say it is the wave of the future and I received a friendly shove from Drew Lane from the old WRIF Show Drew and Mike who thought it would be a good idea for me to make this my next business endeavor.

We are also working to cross promote because Drew is the king of podcasting.

I bit and launched the podcast this week and I hope you take a listen and help it grow. After my stroke last  year I do not believe I am ready for four hours of daily radio. However, I still have things I want to get off my chest in and outside the world of sports. I hope to provide you with two to three hours of weekly fun and entertainment as I shoot the breeze with my friends.

This week we talk about the Lions being frauds and what Michigan State must do to be the king of football in the state.

We will talk Lions and Tigers along with the other major sports in Detroit. And next week I will launch a segment called “Stories I could not share on radio without getting fired” and “In the room” which will be some of my behind the scene encounters with athletes and coaches. Most of the stories will revolve around me getting cussed out or somebody being mad at me. I’ve got a temper too and have gone off on some athletes. We will pass along those stories too.

I will talk about my stroke and my efforts to lose weight (I am down 46 pounds) and getting healthy. I will talk about being a father and being from Detroit. I will talk about stories that circulate in our community and the people that live in it.

In other words I plan on shooting the breeze and growing this product. But I need your help. I found wonderful people who want to help me with my dream. I want to pay them so you will find a donation box on TerryFoster.blog where you can donate to the cause through Pay Pal.

I also want to make donations to my pal Melissa who runs the Devoted Barn near Monroe. She saves animals and runs an education program for kids in Detroit. She’s discovered that if kids can be kind to animals and have a purpose in life that they are less likely to be in front of a judge.

Any dollar amount is appreciated to help me live my dream and to also help Mel out.

Check back weekly for new blogs and podcast or check out my twitter feed at TerryFoster971 where I will promote new postings.

My first pod cast is with JD The Smack, one of my workout partners Ryan the father and coach and my main man Uber Eric, who promises to provide stories from the back seat.




Stay tuned.


Flames did not destroy Kronk gym

kronk fireThe story of fire destroying the old Kronk Gym is a good one except it is not true. The city of Detroit placed Kronk on its death bed, not an arsonist as news outlets are reporting.

The Free Press ran a heart warming photo of boxing great Tommy Hearns looking over the remains of his beloved gym. It will be recorded that the fire devastated the place. But that let’s the city of Detroit off the hook. Detroit killed Kronk, not the fire.

I don’t know if the Hit Man shed a tear when he saw his old gym, but I want him to know that he would have shed the same tears a month ago when I visited the site. Kronk was down for the count then because the city did not take care of the place. I did a tour of former sporting land marks to see what they looked today. And it was troubling.

Rats and opossums played on the rail road tracks behind the shuttered Southwestern High School gym where Perry Watson won championships as a coach and Jalen Rose played some of the most spectacular basketball this city has ever seen.

Then I drove to Kronk and the place looked so bad that no amount of rehabilitation could restore the place. And finally I went over to Mackenzie High School where I used to see Jerome Bettis put a whipping on unsuspecting high school boys before he became The Bus at Notre Dame and later with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I could not find the high school because was torn down five years ago.

The story of fire destroying Kronk is a good one, but it is not true. Kronk may have been destroyed more than a decade ago when boxing legend Emanuel Steward told me he wanted to revive Kronk in Dearborn, Westland or some place near downtown. Perhaps he knew then that the old relict could not be revived, especially after funding for many of Detroit’s rec centers was cut off, leaving them vacant and unattended to.

The place looked like it had already been set on fire a month ago.  I for the life of me cannot figure out why someone would set the place in flames. That seems like a waste of time and a good can of gasoline.







MSU rivalry with Michigan is personal

MSU football

Two things struck me in the aftermath of Michigan State’s prime time 14-10 victory over Michigan Saturday night at Michigan Stadium.

I thought of all the emails and tweets my former broadcast partner Mike Valenti used to receive from Wolverine fans saying “How does it feel to have your Sparty run over now that Jim Harbaugh is in town?”

And I remember how angry that used to make him.

And I thought of MSU coach Mark Dantonio who said about the rivalry and Mike Hart’s little brother comments: “This is personal.  It will never be over.”

Dantonio is the master motivator and I am now convinced that Michigan State is a threat to beat Michigan every time they play. He will make it personal every year and have his team playing like its pants are on fire when it takes on the maize and blue.

He had plenty of ammunition this year. Vegas established Michigan initially as a 17-point favorite. It needed to establish that ridiculous line just to get people to bet on State and even the betting.  More than 70 percent of people in the state of Michigan predicted Michigan to win.

Dantonio is 8-3 against Michigan and 2-1 against Harbaugh. Some of this Harbaugh love should disappear because he is now 1-4 against chief rivals Ohio State and Michigan State.

State players also told me that if you are a two star athlete and are recruited by State that you remain a two star athlete. If you are a two star and Michigan signs you then you are often bumped to a three star because the program is viewed as superior.

Dantonio plays off all of that and motivates his guys.

You can point to the five turnovers that cost Michigan. But those turnovers were often the result of Michigan failing to establish a consistent running game, never securing a secure lead and feeling the need to pass in a monsoon.






I refuse to wear square parents gear

I own one baseball cap that says “Stanford dad” on it.

I wore it once and I will never wear it again. The hat seems dorky to me. It is something someone old and square would wear. I might be old but I am trying not to be too much of a square.

As many of you know my daughter Celine is a freshman at Stanford. It is quite an accomplishment and when we moved her in last week I noticed a lot of parents wearing Stanford Mom or Stanford Dad t-shirts and hats. It is just not my style.

I will wear Stanford shirts and sweats to remind me of Celine. I will wear Stanford football gear and even Stanford soccer and track and field. But there is just something about the Stanford Dad thing. I don’t like it for me.

The only reason I own the hat is because my wife Abs and Celine thought it was cute. Celine asked me to wear it during her high school graduation party and I did it once for my daughter. But that’s it. I am just different some times.

I would never wear one of those big buttons that high school parents wore with their kid’s face on it and their soccer number. It is not my style.

While at Stanford the staff tried to pump us up by saying that the parents needed to take a bow also. I think they were simply trying to sell more hats and shirts. We were doing something right for her to even be considered by the school. Stanford received  a record number of applicants and only 1.7 percent of them got into the school. There are people there from 48 states and 11 countries and each set of parents should be super pumped and super proud they told us.

Everybody walked around like proud peacocks. So did I. I just was one of the few that did not sport a Stanford Dad t-shirt, sweat shirt, hat or button.




Yep, I cried

celine dorm roomPalo Alto, Ca. — Two days ago I was convinced that I would hold strong and hold back the tears when it was time to say goodbye to my daughter Celine who is finally a freshman at Stanford University.

I was convinced that I was not sending her away to school but bringing her to a new home which she seemed to embrace.

“I always thought this was the place for me,” Celine said. “But every minute I spend here I am even more convinced of that. I am so happy.”

I saw the way she embraced this campus. I saw the way she introduced herself to new people and how quickly they embraced her. I was not going to cry because I was sending her to a great place with great people who loved her.  And she sent the love right back.

How can you be sad when you are doing the right thing?

We walked the campus with my wife Abs. We watched her meet new friends and we attended welcoming events which Celine seemed to love.

Celine is smart, witty, outgoing and is a great future leader. But in order for her to succeed, she needs to be embraced. I believed that Stanford gave her the biggest hug that it could. I thought that Abs and I were trespassing and hovering. She was fine. It was time for us to let go and let her begin her new adventure.

There would be no tears when we finally said so-long. Or so I thought. That’s what I told Celine and Abs.

But then we went to an event sponsored by black students and faculty. And a Stanford choir sang one of the most inspirational versions of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” I’ve ever heard and I began to tear up a bit. I knew they were reaching Celine and it made me sad and glad at the same time.

We decorated her dorm room along with Celine’s new roommate Claire who comes to us from California. I feel for Claire a bit because she must deal with Celine who is trying to save the world even though she is so young.

She wants to reach out to Muslim and Jewish kids and the Gay and transgender community.

After listening to a welcoming speech by the school president we walked back to her dorm room to say good-bye and pick up a few bags to bring home. I was fine until I saw Celine break out in tears. Then I felt sad.

When we got to the room I was overcome by sadness and I did not bawl like a baby but my eyes moistened. I still felt good about her new home and friends. But this is my girl. We’ve gone through so much from weekend soccer tournaments to her leaping into a puddle of mud and water at a pumpkin patch. I’ve been her advocate and father.

We tried to raise her to respect others and to appreciate life.

The tears came because I love my child and I am going to miss her. I am so proud of Celine and what she’s accomplished in life. But one of the professors said the freshmen are not here because of what they’ve done to this point in life. They are at Stanford because of what they will become.

Let’s hope the best is yet to come.

Power shopping for college is a drag

6.-Stanford-University1PALO ALTO — Sunday night Celine, my wife Abs and I enjoyed a relaxing conversation on an outdoor patio at the Stanford Garden Hotel with new friends.

It is the first time we got to relax during a grueling four day power shopping expedition at Kohl’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wal-Mart and Target as we prepare to move Celine into her Stanford University dorm room Tuesday morning.

I have yet to mourn Celine’s departure. I’m a guy that does not mind shopping but I don’t want to step foot inside a store for quite a while, especially after getting slapped in the face at the Wal-Mart check out line by somebody’s body odor that was strong enough to halt a charging elephant.

Don’t people shower?

I will say this. Northern California people sure are nice. We spent five hours in Wal-Mart and only saw one gun battle and that is when Abs pulled a pistol on me for being bad. It is nice here but I’m not really feeling this area.

I’m used to gritty college towns with dive bars named The Dirty Noodle or the Funky Penguin. This place is so upscale and different. We shared a table at Whole Foods for dinner with a guy who complained that the Earth’s magnetic pull was messing with his balance and ability to drive.

I do not know how I avoided breaking out into a loud laugh in front of this guy. I guess I am nice sometimes.

We did have a little fun Sunday, driving to San Francisco’s North Beach and going to a restaurant called The Stinking Rose, which puts garlic in every dish which includes its ice cream.

Then we got lost trying to shop again.

It’s time to stop shopping and finally move the girl in. I finally look forward to seeing campus and looking for a dive called The Funky Chicken or the Wounded Duck.


celine graduates
Celine Foster shows off her diploma with mom and dad

I just received a hug from my daughter Celine for no reason.

Tears have boiled up in my wife’s eyes the last two days while a neighbor broke down in tears this morning. The end is near and it is hitting everyone at the same time.

We will be on a morning Delta flight Thursday to San Francisco on Celine’s 18th birthday to take her to school and the emotion of seeing my oldest child has yet to hit. I’ve always predicted that I will remain calm until we drop off that last item in her Stanford University dorm door and turn around to walk out that door.

That is when I may break down like a baby. I do not know what its like to say good bye to a child. And when I did I expected them to attend Michigan, Michigan State or Central Michigan where they are a few hour drive away.

I never expected her to be so far away. That’s going to be tough.

We’ve heard from some New York friends who said their boys are having a tough time adjusting away from home at the University of Michigan. How will my child stack up a five hour plane ride away? I have no idea.

I just know it will be strange not hearing singing and late night conversations from the back corner room.

“Are you going to close the door while I’m gone,” Celine asked.

No. I want to keep it open and just go and sit for a while and remember some of the crazy times this child put me through. I will go through her soccer gear and remembered some of the big moments and big goals and fun times on the road.

I will read some of her school papers and fumble through some of her awards.

“It won’t be too bad,” Celine said. “We have face time. We can visit every night.”

Maybe at first. But she will meet new friends and experience new adventures in the Bay area and those nightly visits will turn into twice a week visits and maybe just a few times a month. She will slowly slip away into a new life.

It will just be me, the wife and Brandon.

Will we smother the only remaining child or treat him as usual? He said he is sad to see Celine go but is happy for her because she gets to go to her dream school.

Celine said she will cry when we drop her off but she does not want to see me break down. So I will hold it together for as long as I can. It will be tough because I am getting weepy writing this.





I’m winning my fight. I cannot lose

tyson awardHere is how diabetes works. If you have an A1C level of 6.0 or above, you are diabetic.

A few years ago my A1C measured 10.1.  A month ago it measured 5.1 and earlier this week it registered 4.7. I am living proof that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed if you work at it and believe in what you are doing. My turn around is due to diet, exercise and vitamins.

That’s it. There is no miracle shake or miracle food. I am doing it the old fashion way and so far it seems to be working.

A year ago I allowed my blood pressure to get too high and it triggered some crumbling veins that I had since child hood. I suffered a stroke and it is the primary reason I no longer work in radio. It was too much stress. It was a terrible event in my life but it caused me to turn my life around and I am hopeful of living a longer life if I keep my regimen going.

It is not easy but at the same time it is not hard. I do not starve myself. I eat, but I ignore my cravings most of the week and give into them on the weekend.

I have lost 43 pounds but my measurement of success is not about weight loss. It is about lower blood sugar and maintaining lower blood pressure. A smaller body is the bi-product and it is the measurement I look at in the mirror that gives me joy and motivation to keep on going.

My doctor had a look of shock when my A1C reading came in. She has reduced my insulin from 25 units a day to 11. I can tell she wants to remove me from insulin all together but wants me to undergo one more test to make sure her readings are 100 percent accurate. I don’t think she quite believes the drastic changes.

I am improving all the time but I don’t believe I am out of the woods yet. A stroke is a very serious illness and my body is still recovering although I function as a normal human being most days and even enjoy a stop at my favorite watering hole now and then.

I am going to beat this. I just know it. Diet, exercise and vitamins are going to be my ticket to long-term good health.  They can be your ticket also.




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