Boombayey Podcast # 2

Welcome to the second episode of Boombayey Podcast  with Terry Foster. Joining Terry for this show is Ryan, E.Lund, and special guests Rhonda Moss, and Rico Beard.

Segment 1: Too hot for radio storytime with Terry.  Why are you not watching ESPN? Do  play by play crews add anything to the game?

Segment 2: Michigan and MSU seasons so far and where they’re headed.

Bonus segment: Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling

Another podcast coming Thursday!




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Welcome to my new blog and pod cast

Hello again.

My name is Terry Foster and I am the guy that used to write for the news paper in Detroit and did sports talk radio.

My life was on a roll until I suffered a stroke last year and my life has changed. I blame myself for not monitoring my blood pressure better. A doctor has since told me that I may have been dealt a bad set of veins inside my brain and they were ticking time bombs ready to clog up.

I was lucky. The veins became sluggish, but not clogged. So I lived another day.

I am a new man and I want to share my thoughts with old friends in this blog and through podcasting. I will talk about my new life, my old life, Detroit sports, or whatever else crosses my mind. It will be personal at times. And I will rap on real life and real issues.

In other words I want to be a voice, no matter how small it may be now.

I also need your help. I want to pay the people helping me and donate to charities I’ve worked with.  Heart to Hart passes out food, blankets, clothing and personal items to the homeless while the Enchanted Barn saves and houses mistreated animals and has inner city kids come out and  learn to take care of them.

My pal Melissa runs the Enchanted Barn and needs our help.

I got involved with Heart to Hart after seeing people huddle near steam pipes on cold winter days after leaving Lion games at night. My heart sank seeing this.

Selfishly I still want to get my word out and entertain even though I am retired. And why not tryet to help those that help others?

I will continue my blog also. I plan to peck out a few words that I hope entertain you, and move you to action, tears or laughter. If you don’t care what I have to say I won’t be offended. Move on. Nothing to see here.

I will try to help you lose weight.

I will try to help you get healthy.

And I will do the impossible. I will try to get you to understand the Detroit Lions.

And I will eventually pick up a note pad and try to break a story or two. I need to talk to my league people first.

I hope you enjoy. I do believe there is room to praise me or rip me. Go ahead. We are friends.

I will not comment about Donald Trump because pro Trump and anti Trump people are like roaches. They never go away and they keep barking the same nonsense for weeks at a time.

How am I feeling since quitting radio? Good but not great. Doctors say I won’t fully recover until the fall. But I no longer get evening headaches and am not exhausted at the end of the day.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you return again.




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Detroit media giant Cliff Russell always believed in me

cliff russell.jpgDuring my younger days I was playing in the media division of the Gus Macker basketball tournament at Eastern Michigan University and things were not going well.

I’d just made the controversial decision to leave the Detroit Free Press for the Detroit News. I played on the News team and we were getting our butts kicked, 18-12, by the Freep team. It was bad and some of the spectators were making fun of our team. One of the Freep players said “I am really enjoying this ass kicking,”

But then I heard a lone voice from the crowd.

“This game is not over. T is not going down like this.”

The lone voice was that of Cliff Russell who always believed in me. His words motivated me and I went on a scoring binge and we won 23-21. I am sad to report that Russell, 61, is dead. A giant void in the Detroit media has been created by his passing. He was not a giant of a man but he was a giant. Russell was the first black press secretary for the Detroit mayor’s office and Major League Baseball’s first black senior director of communications for the Detroit Tigers.

He had a radio show on 910 AM and was the radio voice of the University of Detroit Titans basketball team.

He played basketball at Texas El Paso and became a Hall of Fame basketball player at Wayne State University.

When Mike Ilitch was ready to spend money and compete in baseball Russell convinced Ilitch that I was the best person to tell the story first. He arranged a one on one interview on a Saturday afternoon in Ilitch’s Comerica Park office. After a two-hour interview I wrote the first story of the Tigers willing to spend and compete.

Ilitch kept his word and turned the sad sack Tigers into a contender.

Once again Russell believed in me to tell the story.

Russell was a really, really good guy who loved Detroit, Detroit history and could educate anyone about black history.

We bantered about me appearing on his radio show. Russell suffered several heart attacks and I had a stroke two years ago. We thought it would be a good idea to swap stories about life style changes and how to help others obtain good health.

Sadly, that show never happened.





Terry Foster Podcast s18 Thursday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

Terry is going on vacation during the winter and feels maybe that’s how he should always do it. While on vacation you should visit a steak house, which is what we discuss. Blake Griffin is now a Detroit Piston.( Say What!) What does that mean for your local NBA team? Coogi sweaters; not just for Cliff Huxtable. The Smak gives a lesson in multi colored high priced sweater fashion. All this and more on the newest Terry Foster Podcast.

Terry Foster Podcast s18 Monday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by JD ‘The Smak” and E.Lund

Well what do ya know, the Lions have a new head coach. We break it down. Also were the right questions asked at the Matt Patricia presser? Terry gives us how he would of handled it. Terry thinks he vaped once.(spoiler-he didn’t) Are you Olympic athlete backstory fatigued? E.Lund doesn’t understand the necessity for hockey fights, and we talk about why a certain big name Piston shouldn’t have his number retired.


The Lions claimed Randy Moss had alligator arms

randy moss.jpgThere was a kitchen that the media and Lions coaches and staff shared in the Pontiac Silverdome executive offices that became busy around meal time.

It was a spring day in 1998 when I stepped into the kitchen and ran into the Lions Director of Pro Personnel Ron Hughes. Outback Steakhouse was grilling burgers and steaks outside while we waited for the press conference to introduce University of Tennessee defensive back Terry Fair to the region.

I engaged Hughes in a little banter and asked how come the Lions were not introducing Randy Moss to the media?

The Lions used the 20th selection of the draft to pick Fair and left Moss on the board who was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the next pick.

I knew Moss had issues at Notre Dame and Florida State. He liked to smoke weed, which is not the worst thing NFL players do.  He was a jerk also. A number teams passed on him because of “character issues.” I believed that the Lions could not pass on him because they were losers.

Hughes gave me that “you don’t know anything about football” look. I was lectured how I did not see game film on the two players and finally said “Randy Moss has alligator arms.”

In other words he was afraid of getting hit and dropped passes over the middle. That was one of many blunders by the Lions.

Moss was notified this weekend that he will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after catching 982 passes for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns. Fair did make some all rookie teams but did not become the shut down corner and kick return specialist the Lions claimed him to be. He was released by the team after four seasons. He was also released by the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers before calling it a career a year later during an injury-plagued season in St. Louis.

I don’t buy the alligator arms  theory. That’s an excuse. The Lions were afraid of Moss and his baggage.

The irony of this is that Fair is best known here for punching a wall in frustration and breaking his hand. The Lions claim it happened in a fit of rage after a loss. I heard it happened in a downtown night club because he was mad at a woman and missed his intended target.




USA Gymnasts must stay strong. My daughter could be next

usa gymnastWhen my daughter Celine trotted off to college I made a statement she didn’t quite understand.

She wanted to know what my biggest fear was for her in school. I said my biggest fear was her becoming friends with a football player. Sometimes friendships turn into assumptions. Football players are the big men on campus and many believe they can have sexual relations with any woman whether it is consensual

or not.

Even if the woman says “no” she means yes because she should be honored to be with the star running back or quarterback.

If Celine were raped or otherwise sexually assaulted she have to answer questions as “Why was she wearing a short skirt?” or “Was her top too low?”

In other words did she get what she deserved?

I as  a dad could not handle that.

This brings us to the Outside the Lines investigation on Michigan State where it appears that the school hid facts about sexual assault and protected the athletes from the law. I’ve heard stories like this about several schools, but when you investigate you are stone-walled by officials and shut out from doing your job.

I’ve heard this several times over the years. “Why do you want to ruin a young man’s life?”

I counter that by saying a life has already been ruined. When an athlete rapes a woman you don’t just wipe your hands of the incident and everything disappears. The woman lives with that the rest of her life.

We’ve seen suicides, eating disorders, trust issues and sometimes these women have a tough time having a stable relationship afterwards.

Besides, if Celine reported an incident she won’t be believed and would have much of the school against her. That’s why women go months and sometimes years without saying something. And I’m certain many of them were scolded and asked “Are you sure you want to do this?” Why do you want to ruin a young man’s life?”

Unfortunately what we’ve heard about Michigan State is common place. Schools want to protect the team and the brand above else. But when you handle things as poorly as State does and there is this much information hitting the news you risk having the entire thing blown up.

The women that blew the whistle on Larry Nassar are being called brave women and heroes now. But they were not called that years ago. They were disrupting the gravy train known as USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.

Here is what I will call them. Trailblazers. Please continue to hang together and speak out because my daughter could be next. So now when a woman reports being sexually abused at any school the school, police department and athletic department will launch real investigations and punish those that did wrong.

I worry about my kid because she is on the other side of the country at Stanford. But it was soothing to hear that one night she was in a different dorm and there were rumors of a predator near the building. The kids would not let her walk home and forced her to spend the night with them.

How many times have we heard an athlete being benched for a meaningless game against Idaho or Alcorn State for breaking team rules. And we never find out why he was punished.

How many times do you believe that was for a sex crime that is being swept under the rug?

I want schools to be transparent because my daughter could be next and this is a father that won’t walk the company line.You damn right I will ruin a young man’s life if he ruins my daughter’s life.


Sticker shock at the LCA

LittleCaesarsArena_Exterior_Thumb.0Sticker shock hits you at the new Little Caesars Arena way before you step inside.

Parking signs dot Cass Avenue promoting parking that cost between $35 and $40. Of course that is less than the ridiculous $50 parking across the street from Ford Field on Lions game days.

It is a sin to pay that much to park a car for three or four hours.

I enjoyed my first evening at Little Caesars Arena and found it to be a lovely place. But the prices are out of control and do not match what we see on the ice and the basketball court.

They also do not reflect what many fans can afford. Or can justify. Can you pay $35 in parking and survive? Many of us can but it puts a serious dent in the pocket book and you have nothing to show for it.

My guess is many people have said “I will stay home on my comfy couch and watch television.” Is an $11 beer worth my while?

The gift store is fantastic, but once again I was met with sticker shock. I saw a Red Wings sweat shirt I’ve debated purchasing in the store for $60. It was $100 at the LCA and that is where it shall remain.

The best place is the market place where you can get burgers, sausages, salads, sandwiches and cold brews. It is a place I could hang for three or four hours whether there is a game or concert. It looks like a lot of fun for us adults.

The Kid Rock restaurant is a bright spot also.

Let me tell you the next crisis that will hit the arena. When the product gets better and people actually begin filling the place, they are going to complain about crowded corridors. I thought they fixed that.

The press accommodations are fantastic. The press lounge in the basement is huge, accommodating and has the longest food buffet I’ve ever seen. It includes salads and grilled fish for guy like me who are watching their figures and pizza, chicken strips, tater tots and cookies for those who are not.

The press box is spacious and dark. I don’t know why but I have a thing for dark press boxes. It helps me concentrate better when writing a story.

The real winners in the stadium are the elevator operators, the help staff and the regular folks that work there. The Blackhawks game was my first of the season and they practically held my hand to help me navigate the place.

I already feel like a LCA expert after only one trip.


Is corporate welfare good for Detroit?


A few months ago I witnessed a group of protestors who marched around Little Caesars Arena.

The march began as a protest against Kid Rock who opened up the arena and used to include the Confederate flag in his act. But it finished as a march against “corporate greed” and “corporate welfare” because every rich businessman that opens a building in mid town and downtown gets huge tax benefits.

The other issue is many people from Detroit are shut out from jobs in downtown.

The marchers are right. This is corporate welfare, but I must also point out the alternative. This was a desolate spot where pimps and hookers used to hang with the occasional drug dealer. I once sat at a stop sign where the arena stands today and was startled by a toothless hag who approached my car offering a blow job for $20.

I could smell the stench of her body as I put my foot on the gas and quickly took off.

“How about $10,” she called as I drove toward Woodward.

This was an area that hosted sting operations called STRESS (Stop the Robberies Enjoy Safe Streets) where undercover cops used to mow down black males that attempted to rob them in the dead of night.

It came at a time in the 1970s when Detroit was called The Murder capital of the World. During STRESS Detroit had the highest rate of civilian killings by the police in the United States.

After STRESS this area became a playground for escaped hens, rosters and other animals from the Eastern Market across I-75. There were crumbling buildings and once thriving China Town was long gone. Yes, Detroit once had a China Town.

Yes, there is corporate welfare, but what you rather have? A toothless hag turning tricks or a Red Wing trying to turn a hat trick?

Would you rather see an arena full of people doing the chicken dance or watch live chickens dance in the streets?

Would you rather see black males get shot by the police or shooting free throws for Stan Van Gundy?

Corporate welfare is not fair but it is a necessary evil for a place that was down for the count. Now the next step is to give tax incentives to The Property Brothers so they can fix Detroit’s neighborhoods and give citizens safe and comfortable places to live.







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