Boombayey Podcast # 2

Welcome to the second episode of Boombayey Podcast  with Terry Foster. Joining Terry for this show is Ryan, E.Lund, and special guests Rhonda Moss, and Rico Beard.

Segment 1: Too hot for radio storytime with Terry.  Why are you not watching ESPN? Do  play by play crews add anything to the game?

Segment 2: Michigan and MSU seasons so far and where they’re headed.

Bonus segment: Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling

Another podcast coming Thursday!




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Welcome to my new blog and pod cast

Hello again.

My name is Terry Foster and I am the guy that used to write for the news paper in Detroit and did sports talk radio.

My life was on a roll until I suffered a stroke last year and my life has changed. I blame myself for not monitoring my blood pressure better. A doctor has since told me that I may have been dealt a bad set of veins inside my brain and they were ticking time bombs ready to clog up.

I was lucky. The veins became sluggish, but not clogged. So I lived another day.

I am a new man and I want to share my thoughts with old friends in this blog and through podcasting. I will talk about my new life, my old life, Detroit sports, or whatever else crosses my mind. It will be personal at times. And I will rap on real life and real issues.

In other words I want to be a voice, no matter how small it may be now.

I also need your help. I want to pay the people helping me and donate to charities I’ve worked with.  Heart to Hart passes out food, blankets, clothing and personal items to the homeless while the Enchanted Barn saves and houses mistreated animals and has inner city kids come out and  learn to take care of them.

My pal Melissa runs the Enchanted Barn and needs our help.

I got involved with Heart to Hart after seeing people huddle near steam pipes on cold winter days after leaving Lion games at night. My heart sank seeing this.

Selfishly I still want to get my word out and entertain even though I am retired. And why not tryet to help those that help others?

I will continue my blog also. I plan to peck out a few words that I hope entertain you, and move you to action, tears or laughter. If you don’t care what I have to say I won’t be offended. Move on. Nothing to see here.

I will try to help you lose weight.

I will try to help you get healthy.

And I will do the impossible. I will try to get you to understand the Detroit Lions.

And I will eventually pick up a note pad and try to break a story or two. I need to talk to my league people first.

I hope you enjoy. I do believe there is room to praise me or rip me. Go ahead. We are friends.

I will not comment about Donald Trump because pro Trump and anti Trump people are like roaches. They never go away and they keep barking the same nonsense for weeks at a time.

How am I feeling since quitting radio? Good but not great. Doctors say I won’t fully recover until the fall. But I no longer get evening headaches and am not exhausted at the end of the day.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you return again.




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Terry Foster Podcast s11 Monday

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by Ryan “The people prefer Sweet Lou”, and E.Lund

This is a sports podcast and we’re talking Lions, the game, Caldwell and the season going forward. Bowl game bids are being announced, along with the college football playoff, we break it down. The results of the Ryan nickname poll is announced and cookies.

Parents let everybody down when they are inappropriate with other folks daughters

caitlyn-frisinajpg-fe376975856aa021.png.jpgI closely followed the story of 17 year-old soccer player Caitlin Frisina, who was reported missing after running away with a 27 year old soccer coach in Florida.

I identified with the story only because my family lived that travel and high school soccer world where you had to trust that male coaches and parents would treat your daughter like they were their daughter, instead of a sex toy.

My daughter Celine played soccer for 12 years and along with the practices and games meant sleep overs, hotel stays and hours where she was not in our custody. You had to have trust in others and others needed to trust you when their daughters were under your custody.

We were lucky. No coach or dad tried to hurt Celine. Maybe it was not pure luck because the men who fathered some of her girls — Sami, Miss Burger and Lauren A — were men of integrity and I trusted them.

We didn’t just watch our girls play soccer but we grilled together, traveled together, shot the breeze together and laughed together.

I feared no problems and Celine said not one treated her badly. It was not luck that I encountered. It was expectation.

Here is how I approached it. When the girls piled into our basement for a sleep over, they were not Celine’s friends. They became my daughters. In other words it became my job to serve, protect and shelter.

I loved the laughter and chatter from the basement because it meant Celine was happy. I set up the basement with sleeping bags and air mattresses before the guests arrived and the only time they saw me was when I served pizza and my delicious but not so world famous nachos with three different kind of cheese.

We parents and coaches need to think big picture instead of acting out urges. If I did something inappropriate I was letting the club down, letting the parents down and letting Celine down.

I could not do that.

I don’t know what happened in Florida, but a coach over stepped his bounds and lost the trust of a lot of people. Even if the soccer player was OK with it, you must remember that she is a child. There is no excuse for what the coach did.

I am just glad she is safe and alive now.






Terry Foster Podcast s10 Thursday

Welcome back,

Terry is joined by JD”Smack” , Ryan “Possibly Fella?” , and E.Lund

We chat about our most hated athlete, Terry has a story about how much he doesn’t hate Phil Mickelson after hanging out with him. Terry also has a story about the late Drew Sharp getting knocked the F’ out by a set of bweebs. Bachelor party stories get tossed around and Ryan wants you to appreciate people.

The Detroit Lions won a playoff game. Honest, I was there

The Detroit Lions have won1991 lions a playoff game in my life time.

I am serious. I was there in 1991 when they throttled the Dallas Cowboys 31-6 in the rowdy Pontiac Silverdome.

It was the loudest I’ve heard the place and I doubt Ford Field will ever be this loud even if the Lions make the Super Bowl.

The Lions had Barry Sanders and Herman Moore in that game but won mostly because of quarterback Erik Kramer who began the season third on the depth chart behind Rodney Peete and Andre Ware and wide receiver Willie Green who caught two touchdown passes in the Silver Streak offense.

It was the Lions first and only playoff win since winning the NFL championship in 1957, two years before I was born. Lion players believed this was to be the first of many playoff wins. But it wasn’t. Since then the Lions are 0-8 in the playoffs which has scarred the organization and the fans that follow them.

The 1991 game was supposed to be against two up and coming teams. We seriously debated who was going to be next up. Was it the Lions or Cowboys?

The Cowboys won three Super Bowls later that decade. The Lions  hosted a Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The Cowboys place Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin into the Pro Football Hall of game. Barry Sanders walked away in his prime.

The Cowboys became America’s team while the Lions became America’s punching bag with the worst run organization in sports under Matt Millen.

The 1991 Lions won their last six games to advance to the playoffs and secure home field advantage and a bye. Today’s team would need to win its final five games and get serious help to win the division.

Despite the Lions history there are a number of you who believe this team can win its final five games and make noise in the playoffs.

I am not one of those people.

I have history on my side. This is not 1991.





Terry Foster Podcast s10 Monday

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD”Smack” Ryan”Sweet Lou?” and E.Lund

Terry gives a health update,which leads to a discussion about food Terry probably should avoid. There is a little wink-le at the gym. Ryan has a callous story(literally) We get in to a discussion that sounds like Craigslist personal ads are being read, and we talk Fridays.

Also up is the Lions and U of M. After all THIS is a sports podcast 😉

Terry Foster Podcast s9 Monday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by JD “Smack” , Ryan, and E.Lund

Does Jim Harbaugh need to best OSU to avoid the hot seat? Would you replace Jim Caldwell for Jon Gruden and other Lions discussion.

Pizza:your must have toppings, and other resturant goodness. We venture into the weird things white guys do at the gym.

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