Running man — again

The whiffle game between the parents and the kids was tied 11-11 in the bottom of the seventh. I was standing on first when teammate Bart Hodge sent a screamer into right field.

It looked like a double and I was determined to score from first and win the ball game. I rounded second and felt a slight bit of weakness in my legs but they kept on churning. Then I rounded third and was headed for home as parents screamed for me to score.

Just as I was about to touch home plate I saw the ball secured by one of the kids and I was tagged out about three feet from home. The screaming stopped and I sat on the bench, waiting for us to finish hitting.

I felt good and bad at the same time. Let me explain.

I did not score the game-winning run. I did not round the bases as quickly as I used to, but this was a big moment. I was running. I was not Forest Gump fast but a shade quicker than lumbering Victor Martinez.

However, it felt great to feel the wind blowing in my face again. I can run again, which I could not do a few weeks ago. That was one of the deficits that remained as I recover from a stroke in the fall.

My run ended up in failure but it was probably my most satisfying run since winning the 100-yard dash during a track meet in middle school. I was initially disappointed but my wife Abs was jumping up and down for joy. I am returning to 100 percent, I hope.

In October I was a fall risk at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield. Now I do three miles of brisk walking on the tread mill daily at Planet Fitness. When I tried to run my legs got all rubbery and shut down.

You take things in life for granted. Running was one of them for me. I was one of the fastest guys in my soft ball league last year when a stroke slowed me down in more ways than one.

I am determined to be completely healthy through diet, exercise and these vitamins I have been taking. I went from 227 pounds to 185 pounds. Some people do not recognize me. I continue to get better every day.

I feel good, but not great. Greatness will have to wait but I know it is coming, just like my ability to run.

I am just going to take it one step at a time.

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