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yellowstoneMy sister in-law Denise will drive to Michigan for the weekend and think nothing of it. Then she will repeat the process the following weekend.

She lives in Charlotte and has arrived on a Friday night and is back on the road for home by 4 in the morning Sunday. I am the exact opposite. If I don’t see the word Delta on the side of my ship I’m not going.

My longest road trips are to Traverse City and Mackinaw Island. So quite naturally when we take my daughter Celine to Stanford in Palo Alto, Ca. I want to drive instead of fly. I want to go to Jackson Hole, Wy, see Yellowstone National Park and swing over to Seattle before heading down to the Bay area.

My family thinks I’m nuts and quickly nixed the idea. They want to fly into the Bay area, head to Target, set the dorm room up and leave. That makes more sense but is not as fun.

Yellowstone is the only major national park I have not seen and Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I want to see more of the country. One of my favorite family vacations was a driving trip.

We drove to Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville, the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky and home in 10 days. We were within 4-5 hours of our next destination and I did not get worn down by the trip.

Driving from Michigan to Wyoming is a haul but I’m willing to do it once. My family is not. I’ve always been interested in Yellowstone and the cowboy towns that surround it. I might even wear cowboy boots and a hat.

You can just call me Quick Draw Terry.

Seattle is a great walking town, has great restaurants and natural beauty. And I’m willing to bet it has a Target too.

Let’s do it.


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