A fun and prideful day

We walked in a sea of rainbows. There were rainbow flags and T-shirts and even rainbow socks.

I took my daughter Celine and her friend tall Grace to the Motor City Pride festival that celebrates the lives of the  LGBTQ community. She has always been a supporter because a number of her friends are Gay and she’s known a few high school kids that killed themselves because they did not get support from family or friends because they were Gay or transgender.

I also believe this was a test to see how tolerant dad was. Would I refuse to take her? Would I make excuses not to go? Would I make jokes about the people or the event?

None of that happened and I believe I passed with flying colors as a dad that afternoon. The original plan was to spend a sunny afternoon with Celine downtown. I thought we would hit a favorite Corktown restaurant, visit a friend who owns a T-shirt shop downtown and hit the new Avalon Bakery.

Celine threw in one more stop. And I was fine with it.

I learned something that day.

Celine wants to know a little bit about everybody. She has studied the LGBTQ community, joined a Muslim group and is up on the politics in England and France. Our next stop might be a Black Lives Matters rally.

During Motor City Pride we took photos with people, heard their stories and learned more about the LGBTQ community. There were no anti-Gay protests or gay slurs that I heard of. That shows how different the world that my daughter enjoys as a teenager than my world as a teenager.

“Have a prideful day,” people greeted.

There is no way an event like this could happen in the 1970s and be this peaceful. There remain people that want to do harm to the Gay community because they are “different.”. They want to murder and yell at these people. A part of me wondered if the $5 cover charge was to ensure that haters would not camp out in front of tables and disrupt things.

If you have to pay to attend an event you are less likely to act a fool.

Celine has asked me if I would still love her if she were a lesbian. The answer is easy. Absolutely yes. I am a parent for life and I’ve witnessed parents who abandoned their children because of race, religion and sexual preference.

It is no fun for either side. I have to believe there is a hole in your heart and your life if you don’t have your child in your life. Outside of my kids becoming murderers and really, really bad people I’m sticking by their sides.

I also don’t care who you love and who you lay down with at night. It is none of my business. You can do what you want just as long as it doesn’t harm me and harm my country.

I don’t care.

Celine brought her friend from high school, tall Grace, and we had an enjoyable afternoon.  Celine and Grace enjoyed their first hamburger at the Mercury Bar. We took photos by some of the art work in Corktown and by the Spirit of Detroit. We enjoyed cookies at Avalon Bakery and visited my friend James who runs DSE T-Shirts on Grand River near the YMCA.

We also hit Midtown before heading home.

“Father I want to thank you for bringing us downtown,” Celine said as we hit the Lodge for the ride home. “We really had a great time.”

So did I. It was a prideful day in more ways than one.




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