Is this what death feels like?

On the night I thought I was going to die the room spun like a washer in spin dry.

The room didn’t actually spin. It was all in my head. I could not stand and I could not hold down the food I ate that night for dinner. I did not suffer a stroke on the scariest night of my life. Doctors said it was the stomach flu.

This lasted two hours and my only hope was for it to stop. Imagine being on a roller coaster for two hours and you are afraid of roller coasters. I thought I was suffering something worse than a stroke when my mind completely became unhinged and I went on a crazy ride of the Wild Mouse I will never forget.

I threw up in bed until my stomach was empty then had the dry heaves for about half an hour. I could not control my body or mind and I thought this was the end for me.

When it finally stop I shed tears of relief.

My blood pressure sky rocketed during this attack and as soon as I was steady I headed into the emergency room for the third time in two months at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield where puzzled doctors read over my case, listened to my panicked recounting of my night and said it sounded like a form of stomach flu.

I was shocked. That’s it?

After an hour in the hospital they got my blood pressure down and I was walking and talking normally.

That night I met a doctor who practiced in China and he told me about taking natural supplements and vitamins that can cure me. He said the United States medical system is set up to treat symptoms but not cure them.

He told me about the benefits of turmeric and cinnamon and other herbs that can heal the body.

I want to live a long and healthy life and a few months later I heard a similar speech from my friends Modo and Andria who grew up in Detroit but now live in Southern California. They told me about 90 For Life Youngevity. It’s a program that introduces you to the 90 daily nutrients the body need to sustain itself and get better.

It helps lower blood pressure, prevent disease and makes you stronger and healthier. I have not been on it long enough to know if it has completely turned me around. I just know I have more energy and it is exactly what the emergency room doctor was talking about.

So I think it is helping along with diet and exercise.

I will tell you how you can obtain these vitamins for free if you email me at Or you can message me at this blog and we can have a conference call explaining the program with my friends Modo and Andria.

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