Let’s share the world’s best cigar

Dan Jenuwine has been in the cigar business for a long time. So he’s seen every type of cigar imaginable.

Big ones. Small ones. Fat and skinny.

So what is the best cigar out there?

“When someone tells me they had the best cigar I stop them,” Jenuwine said. “I ask them where they were and who they smoked it with. That makes the best cigar. It is the moment.”

Hopefully we can enjoy that perfect cigar during Thursday’s Jenuwine cigar and wine tasting event which will double as my media retirement party at the Jenuwine Cigar Lounge in Sterling Heights by Lakeside Mall.

I never enjoyed a retirement party after leaving 97.1 The Ticket and laziness on my part played a big role.

I enjoyed dinner and drinks with Mike and Sully but that is not a retirement party.

I shared lunch with a few people that work in the building. But chicken sandwiches and salad at Panera is not a retirement party.

On Thursday I am having a real retirement party and I have no idea who is showing up. But you are all invited to Jenuwine Cigar Lounge, 44791 Schoenherr, in Sterling Heights near Lakeside Mall for my so-long bash that runs from 6-8:30 p.m.

Owner Dan Jenuwine was a big fan of the Valenti and Foster Show and decided to include me in his Thursday bash, which I totally appreciate. There will be fine cigars, wine and liquor specials throughout the evening along with good food.

You can even win a golf bag to put those dirty clubs in.

Representatives from cigar and wine companies will introduce some of their newer products and feature discount drinks, cigars and giveaways.

What’s the best cigar in Jenuwine’s 2,100 square foot humidor? Dan likes the ones where guys in work boots who just finished digging trenches is smoking one next to a guy in a suit and laughing together as they swap life stories.

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