Oh how I hate Ohio State

ohio state shirtCOLUMBUS, Ohio — My daughter Celine was honored one last time as a graduating senior during the Jack and Jill Midwest regional teen conference and the family made the four-hour ride to The Ohio State University to support her.

Every time I visit a college campus I peak inside a book store or clothing store to buy the gear of the college. I own stuff from the University of Wisconsin, Purdue, Alabama and UCLA. You will probably catch me around town wearing Stanford gear since that is where Celine plans to attend.

I walked inside of two Ohio State stores and froze. I could not pull the trigger. There is something about that school that triggers resentment, hatred and spite. I could not buy an Ohio State shirt.

My neighbors, who are very nice people, are Buckeyes and said they will never purchase a University of Michigan or Michigan State shirt. I understand.

Whenever I go to OSU I think of the 10-year war between Bo and Woody. I think of Woody saying he’d rather run out of gas than stop at a gas station in Michigan and spend his money.

I think of how mean OSU fans are toward Michigan fans during games at the Horse Shoe and what asses Cleveland Indian fans are when they host Tiger fans in the summer.

I think of how the Ohio State troopers give us tickets for going two miles over the speed limit and I think of these two ladies that cursed out every Michigan player as they emerged from the dressing room the last time I went to a game at Ohio Stadium. They both were at least 70 years old, maybe 80.

There is something wrong with that state and I understand why former Michigan coach Brady Hoke refused to call Ohio State, Ohio State.

The only good things about Ohio is Cedar Point, Graeters ice cream and LeBron James if he were a Piston.

We have a healthy rivalry with Ohio and even fought over Toledo.

You know what would be perfect? Couldn’t they move Ohio a few hundred miles to the south and west?

I’d rather have Illinois as a neighbor.



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