I refuse to wear square parents gear

I own one baseball cap that says “Stanford dad” on it.

I wore it once and I will never wear it again. The hat seems dorky to me. It is something someone old and square would wear. I might be old but I am trying not to be too much of a square.

As many of you know my daughter Celine is a freshman at Stanford. It is quite an accomplishment and when we moved her in last week I noticed a lot of parents wearing Stanford Mom or Stanford Dad t-shirts and hats. It is just not my style.

I will wear Stanford shirts and sweats to remind me of Celine. I will wear Stanford football gear and even Stanford soccer and track and field. But there is just something about the Stanford Dad thing. I don’t like it for me.

The only reason I own the hat is because my wife Abs and Celine thought it was cute. Celine asked me to wear it during her high school graduation party and I did it once for my daughter. But that’s it. I am just different some times.

I would never wear one of those big buttons that high school parents wore with their kid’s face on it and their soccer number. It is not my style.

While at Stanford the staff tried to pump us up by saying that the parents needed to take a bow also. I think they were simply trying to sell more hats and shirts. We were doing something right for her to even be considered by the school. Stanford received  a record number of applicants and only 1.7 percent of them got into the school. There are people there from 48 states and 11 countries and each set of parents should be super pumped and super proud they told us.

Everybody walked around like proud peacocks. So did I. I just was one of the few that did not sport a Stanford Dad t-shirt, sweat shirt, hat or button.




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