My new podcast is up and running

If you have a mouth on you and enjoy talking you might be hearing from me.

I just launched the Terry Foster’s boombaye podcast and I am asking for a little help from my friends to keep it going. My health is improving daily and I thought now was the time to get into podcasting. My younger friends say it is the wave of the future and I received a friendly shove from Drew Lane from the old WRIF Show Drew and Mike who thought it would be a good idea for me to make this my next business endeavor.

We are also working to cross promote because Drew is the king of podcasting.

I bit and launched the podcast this week and I hope you take a listen and help it grow. After my stroke last  year I do not believe I am ready for four hours of daily radio. However, I still have things I want to get off my chest in and outside the world of sports. I hope to provide you with two to three hours of weekly fun and entertainment as I shoot the breeze with my friends.

This week we talk about the Lions being frauds and what Michigan State must do to be the king of football in the state.

We will talk Lions and Tigers along with the other major sports in Detroit. And next week I will launch a segment called “Stories I could not share on radio without getting fired” and “In the room” which will be some of my behind the scene encounters with athletes and coaches. Most of the stories will revolve around me getting cussed out or somebody being mad at me. I’ve got a temper too and have gone off on some athletes. We will pass along those stories too.

I will talk about my stroke and my efforts to lose weight (I am down 46 pounds) and getting healthy. I will talk about being a father and being from Detroit. I will talk about stories that circulate in our community and the people that live in it.

In other words I plan on shooting the breeze and growing this product. But I need your help. I found wonderful people who want to help me with my dream. I want to pay them so you will find a donation box on where you can donate to the cause through Pay Pal.

I also want to make donations to my pal Melissa who runs the Devoted Barn near Monroe. She saves animals and runs an education program for kids in Detroit. She’s discovered that if kids can be kind to animals and have a purpose in life that they are less likely to be in front of a judge.

Any dollar amount is appreciated to help me live my dream and to also help Mel out.

Check back weekly for new blogs and podcast or check out my twitter feed at TerryFoster971 where I will promote new postings.

My first pod cast is with JD The Smack, one of my workout partners Ryan the father and coach and my main man Uber Eric, who promises to provide stories from the back seat.




Stay tuned.

Find Terry Foster Podcast here:

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