Our health club is a no wink zone

Health-ClubThere was turmoil in the health club today.

One of the guys I work out with got called on the carpet for winking at a woman. She didn’t like it and reported him to the staff. There are eight of us guys who work out together and Planet Fitness threatened to kick us all out of the gym.

That’s not right. But I don’t know if winking at a woman is a federal offense either. There is a fine line between being friendly and a creeper. My friend is not a creeper. He is a winker.

He even winks at me while telling a joke.

A woman gave me her phone number and offered drinks at a local watering hole. I was not offended. I was flattered. I would never report her to the staff.

Our gym is a friendly place for the most part. People offer to help you get buffed and lose weight. They don’t hit on you. They are being nice.

But there are creepers in the place. They are men who look at women’s butts and cleavage while practically drooling. Women don’t like those guys and I don’t blame them. They complain privately about those guys but have not issued a complaint.

I admit that I look briefly at someone I like but I do not drool with my mouth open. And I also do not wink.

My trainer Melissa was surprised that someone reported the Winker. I am not because of all the drama surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and a number of other Hollywood celebrities concerning sexual harrassment. The days of men doing what they want with women should be over.

I think the woman that reported The Winker got caught up in that and decided to stand her ground. But The Winker would never touch her butt or do anything inappropriate. I think he was just being nice and flashed an innocent wink.

My question for women is what is appropriate behavior in the gym and do you believe the Winker crossed that line?

I don’t believe he did. But I could be wrong on this one.


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