The day I got second thoughts about abortion

Let me tell you about the day I got shook about the issue of abortion.

My wife Abs was 24 weeks pregnant and we went to a clinic for a DNA test to see if our unborn baby was mentally ill or strong enough to be born healthy. We were older parents. I was 40 and she was 37. The odds of something being wrong with the baby is two and three times higher than that for younger parents.

We wanted to be sure. And if something was wrong with the baby we had a tough decision to make. Did we want to bring a child into the world that would struggle with Down Syndrome or some other mental disorder?

At the time I was all about a woman having the right to choose. It was her body and the government should not tell her what to do with her baby. I am not so sure that is the right stance now.

The doctor wanted to take a fluid sample out of the womb to check on our child. And I got to see the entire procedure play out on a monitor.

They put Abs on a table and spread this brown liquid on her stomach.

When the monitor was turned on I saw Celine curled up sleeping. The doctor slowly inserted the needle into Ab’s stomach and I saw it inch toward the womb. He stuck the needle near her feet so he would not injure the baby with a gash to the head.

When the needle reached the womb Celine woke up agitated. She began kicking and reached down toward the needle as if to say “get this thing out of here.” I could tell she was not happy. The doctor became concerned with her activity and stopped the procedure.

That is when I fell in love with my baby. I could not hug her. I could not kiss her. I could not rub her back. But I knew that we had a spunky kid on the way. I told Abs what I saw and I said we have a ball of fire inside of you.

And that is what we got when she was born in September of 1999. When I saw that test I did not see the baby as a fetus. That was my child and if anybody attempted to harm her they’d have to bring dad up on assault charges because I would kick their ass.

Our baby was in the world and she was already telling the world she would be a force to be reckoned with.

She became a straight A student that is a freshman at Stanford University. She played aggressively on the soccer field and became a leader that students followed.

Almost three years later we had the same test done when Abs became pregnant again. My son Brandon was sleep also when the needle entered the womb. He was also stirred but after three seconds he went back to sleep. I had the feeling this guy was going to be more laid back than Celine and I was exactly right.

He is quiet and is more likely to let things roll off his back. When I watched the monitor that was the day he became my son. I could not wrestle with him or throw him into a pile of leaves, but that was my boy.

I loved him.


He already had a personality and he too was healthy.







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