The Detroit Lions won a playoff game. Honest, I was there

The Detroit Lions have won1991 lions a playoff game in my life time.

I am serious. I was there in 1991 when they throttled the Dallas Cowboys 31-6 in the rowdy Pontiac Silverdome.

It was the loudest I’ve heard the place and I doubt Ford Field will ever be this loud even if the Lions make the Super Bowl.

The Lions had Barry Sanders and Herman Moore in that game but won mostly because of quarterback Erik Kramer who began the season third on the depth chart behind Rodney Peete and Andre Ware and wide receiver Willie Green who caught two touchdown passes in the Silver Streak offense.

It was the Lions first and only playoff win since winning the NFL championship in 1957, two years before I was born. Lion players believed this was to be the first of many playoff wins. But it wasn’t. Since then the Lions are 0-8 in the playoffs which has scarred the organization and the fans that follow them.

The 1991 game was supposed to be against two up and coming teams. We seriously debated who was going to be next up. Was it the Lions or Cowboys?

The Cowboys won three Super Bowls later that decade. The Lions  hosted a Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The Cowboys place Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin into the Pro Football Hall of game. Barry Sanders walked away in his prime.

The Cowboys became America’s team while the Lions became America’s punching bag with the worst run organization in sports under Matt Millen.

The 1991 Lions won their last six games to advance to the playoffs and secure home field advantage and a bye. Today’s team would need to win its final five games and get serious help to win the division.

Despite the Lions history there are a number of you who believe this team can win its final five games and make noise in the playoffs.

I am not one of those people.

I have history on my side. This is not 1991.





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