Sticker shock at the LCA

LittleCaesarsArena_Exterior_Thumb.0Sticker shock hits you at the new Little Caesars Arena way before you step inside.

Parking signs dot Cass Avenue promoting parking that cost between $35 and $40. Of course that is less than the ridiculous $50 parking across the street from Ford Field on Lions game days.

It is a sin to pay that much to park a car for three or four hours.

I enjoyed my first evening at Little Caesars Arena and found it to be a lovely place. But the prices are out of control and do not match what we see on the ice and the basketball court.

They also do not reflect what many fans can afford. Or can justify. Can you pay $35 in parking and survive? Many of us can but it puts a serious dent in the pocket book and you have nothing to show for it.

My guess is many people have said “I will stay home on my comfy couch and watch television.” Is an $11 beer worth my while?

The gift store is fantastic, but once again I was met with sticker shock. I saw a Red Wings sweat shirt I’ve debated purchasing in the store for $60. It was $100 at the LCA and that is where it shall remain.

The best place is the market place where you can get burgers, sausages, salads, sandwiches and cold brews. It is a place I could hang for three or four hours whether there is a game or concert. It looks like a lot of fun for us adults.

The Kid Rock restaurant is a bright spot also.

Let me tell you the next crisis that will hit the arena. When the product gets better and people actually begin filling the place, they are going to complain about crowded corridors. I thought they fixed that.

The press accommodations are fantastic. The press lounge in the basement is huge, accommodating and has the longest food buffet I’ve ever seen. It includes salads and grilled fish for guy like me who are watching their figures and pizza, chicken strips, tater tots and cookies for those who are not.

The press box is spacious and dark. I don’t know why but I have a thing for dark press boxes. It helps me concentrate better when writing a story.

The real winners in the stadium are the elevator operators, the help staff and the regular folks that work there. The Blackhawks game was my first of the season and they practically held my hand to help me navigate the place.

I already feel like a LCA expert after only one trip.


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