Big pharm tried to hook me


opioid-crisis.jpgA few weeks ago my right shoulder began to ache. It felt like somebody struck a match  and set it on fire.

I suspect the pain came from lifting weights as I try to rehab my body and work my way into better shape. I stopped lifting weights and the pain left. But then it returned.

I went to my doctor for help. She recommended rehab for the shoulder. No drugs. No pain killers. She suspected that some ligaments were inflamed or irritated and that stretching along with heat and ice might work.

Three days later I got a call from a woman who represented a drug company. She said she had the answer to my misery. Her company would supply me with pain killers to make my problems go away.

I said no. My doctor did not want me taking pain killers.

The lady was persistent and I started to wonder if this was even legal.

“These drugs are no cost to you. Your insurance company pays for it,” she said. “And we will have the drugs shipped to your home.”

I again said no and she pressed on. Is this how this opioid crisis is being fueled in America? Someone strong arms you, you eventually say yes and you are hooked on drugs for the rest of your life?

I’ve had enough health issues. I do not want to add drug addiction to my list of problems.

I got the woman off the phone, but two weeks later she called back with the same pitch. It reminded me of when I was first approached by an illegal drug dealer in Detroit. He could get me “some good shit” in a day or two. There would be no charge the first time and he’d hand deliver it to me.

I’m sure he was willing to take the hit in hopes of making me a customer for life. I said no then and I said no now.

The bad news is my right shoulder still hurts. Rehab improved my range of motion but did not completely solve my problem. I have a new doctor working with me and he says I have “frozen shoulder.”

I am hoping surgery won’t be necessary.

The god news is I am not part of the opioid crisis that is sweeping this country and killing people.

I’m hoping treatment and rest cures me.

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