If you eat right you will look right

girl scout.jpgI was a bad boy during my morning work out Friday morning.

I purchased Girl Scout cookies for the family and then offered some to my friends while they worked out at Planet Fitness.

That’s a no-no, I know. But I was in a silly mood.

I knew my girl Maxine would say no. While I peddled Girl Scout cookies she was in a back work out room showing off new photos of her in a red dress after losing 28 pounds. She did it on Weight Watchers where you monitor your eating based on a points system. She could have enjoyed  a couple cookies but would give up something more filling later in the day.

If you are trying to lose weight you can enjoy Girl Scout cookies too, but you must monitor what you eat and limit treats. Sometimes the cookies are not worth it.

I’ve lost about 45 pounds during my journey for better health and people ask me all the time what I gave up. The answer is nothing. I still enjoy pizza, burgers, fries and steak. But I have limited encounters with my favorite food. Friday or Saturday is my cheat day. Last Saturday I ate at Royale with cheese in Midtown with my son Brandon and it was a sloppy and delicious treat.

Six days a week I am on food lock down. I mostly eat salads, grilled fish and chicken, vegetables and I have fruit with each meal. Let me back track on one thing. I did give up one thing. I no longer drink pop. And that is hard. Things do taste better with a Coke.

The gym is a great place to meet like-minded people who either want to slim down or buff up. As we were watching photos of a slimmer Max one of my work out partners said: “I see people in here for months and nothing changes. They still have the same gut.”

He is right. It is easier to lose weight by eating right and not exercising than it is to exercise and not eat right. It is almost impossible to out work bad eating habits unless you want to enduring daily four hour workouts that drop you to the floor in exhaustion.

Eat right and you will look right.

What you eat is 70-80 percent of weight loss.

People ask if I am hungry all the time. The answer is no. I do crave certain foods but I ask myself “Do I want that piece of cherry pie or do I want to wake up the next day a little lighter?”

I get angry with myself when I miss weight goals. So I skip the pie.

All of my friends said no to the cookies which was a better decision than the one to go to the gym.




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