Wolverines should be mad at Boilermakers, not Spartans

Purdue-logoThe NCAA selection committee dropped a bomb right in the middle of the state of Michigan which has Wolverines and Spartans fighting again.

The Wolverines whipped Michigan State twice, once at Breslin and again during the Big Ten tournament semi final in route to winning the Big Ten tournament. They want to know why they were shipped off to Kansas as a number three seed while the Spartans were rewarded by playing at Little Caesars Arena this weekend?

The Spartans can counter by saying they lost three fewer games, were ranked higher and did win the Big Ten regular season title.

I love when the Wolverines and Spartans battle because I get a front row seat to the show.

But this time your anger is unwarranted. You should be angry with the Purdue Boilermakers who not only got a higher seed (2) while failing to win any titles, but they will also play at the LCA. Boiler Up!

How did that happen?

Purdue has some big wins, but also lost its only game to State and was beaten by Michigan when it counted most.

And the Boilermakers lost six times.

It would be nice if the Wolverines and Spartans chipped in for a caravan and staged a protest in West Lafayette. But that won’t happen. It is difficult to hate a Boilermaker because they don’t threaten anyone.

It is easier to hate your instate brothers and sisters and that is what is happening here. My Spartan friends are gleefully snapping up tickets for Detroit while my Wolverine brothers want to know what the hell is there to do in Wichita?


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