Gores should demote SVG

Detroit Pistons v Miami HeatI was not invited to the summit meeting between Pistons owner Tom Gores and coach/President Stan Van Gundy.

But if I was asked to join in I would push for Gores to strip Van Gundy of his personnel duties and retain him as coach. He is not a draft guy as his eye for talent is lacking. Besides I do not believe in allowing one person to run and coach a team unless his name is Gregg Popovich, Bill Belichick or Scotty Bowman.

In other words only a Hall of Fame guy could talk me into it. Van Gundy is not that. However, he deserves one more shot at coaching a healthy roster. The Pistons are an incomplete team because Van Gundy and General Manager Jeff Bower earned an incomplete job at bringing in talent.

The point guard is often the most important player on an NBA roster. The Pistons were 12-25 without Reggie Jackson and 27-18 with him. And they played just four games this season with Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin and Jackson.

Van Gundy has not been an upgrade over the post championship Joe Dumars era. He passed on Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell for Stanley Johnson and Luke Kennard. The Mitchell omission was puzzling because I heard he tore it up during his work out for the Pistons. It seemed as if they already had their minds made up

Van Gundy and Gores are scheduled to meet in sunny California this week and the owner could make a change that changes the direction of the franchise. Gores gave Van Gundy both titles to lure him away from Golden State, which appeared ready to give him a better coaching situation before hiring Steve Kerr.

Now the Pistons are in a better position to give Van Gundy a take it or leave it offer. The team is in better shape to make a smart coaching and personnel hire and it has plenty of time to do so.

President Arn Tellem could act as a temporary personnel guy because the Pistons don’t have a first round pick and he knows how to wine and dine free agents to try to lure them to Detroit.

“We have to break it down, where we’ve gone right, where we’ve gone wrong,” Gores told the Detroit media before the final regular season game. “We haven’t won, so I don’t want to pretend we are going to the playoffs. Stan and I have to talk about that.”

Give Van Gundy one more shot to coach this team. But as far as doing the shopping? I’ve seen enough.


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