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Celine went through her first crisis at Stanford University and I knew she was having a tough time. Maybe that’s why I got really sad when she sent me this cartoon text.

It broke my heart.

I could actually see my daughter on the moon looking back at home, wishing she were here. It is the first time since she began school that there seemed to be a melt down.

She’s made a decision not to just be a student at Stanford. She is a campus leader and is trying to make a difference. I am fine with that but when you attempt to stand out people are going to take shots at you no matter how well intended your advocacy is. In other words they only hit the one carrying the ball.

Celine ran for sophomore class president and emphasized improving mental health awareness on campus and is organizing a mentorship program where seniors and juniors can mentor under classmen. During the campaign an underground newspaper said there was more back stabbing during the race than a “Game of Thrones” episode. Since Celine won freshman class president she was the target of many of the arrows.

And it hurt.

This is the draw back of sending your kid so far away from school. Although they are technically adults you still want to wrap a arm around them and protect them. If she were at the University of Michigan or Michigan State I would have driven to campus for lunch or dinner and a good heart to heart talk.

I cannot fly to California whenever I want because flights are expensive. I am on Face book. I don’t own it

We have friends who sent their children to New York, Tennessee, Georgia and California. They all got home sick and some came back home.

During the presidential race there were allegations of campaign violations by one party who may or may not have thrown an illegal party with booze. There were reports that Celine’s party exceeded the $400 spending limits set by the campus. She disputed that report and she proved that she spent $388.

This was Hillary and Donald all over again.

Then she told us that she did not win the election, which I was fine with me. She is doing so many things that she does not need to be class president. The girl  became sad and talked  about her friends at Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State.

Then came the cartoon text.

I wanted her to attend school in the state of Michigan coming out of high school. But then I saw how well she fit in at Stanford I wanted to do everything I could to make that a reality. I’d welcome her back but I know she loves that school and her friends there. It is the perfect place for her. She does not love Michigan. She does not love Michigan State.

She loves Stanford and I did not want chatter to drive her back home.

The other day I got a cheerful phone call from my daughter. She was saying “you know dad. They only hit you if you are carrying the ball or if you are doing something that matters.”

Hmmmmmm. I wonder where she got that from?

She won her election with 57 percent of the vote over three other parties. She made the Dean’s List academically. And although she misses home and her friends here, she is no longer sad about not being here.

She is staying out there for the summer and will be a tour guide. So if you visit Stanford this summer and want a tour, ask for Celine Foster. She gives a great tour. She is also working on organizing freshman orientation this fall.

Crisis over.




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