Spinning into the new Power House

power house gymHe was about 21 or 22 years old with long blond hair. And this dude was built like a brick house.

His arms were large and muscular and he ripped off his t-shirt to reveal six-pack abs. It was difficult not to notice this young man because he was prancing, flexing and admiring himself in the mirror.

I nicknamed him Thor.

Welcome to the new Power House Gym in West Bloomfield.

One of my final images of Planet Fitness was walking in on a 70 year old guy running a blow dryer between his legs after a shower to dry his duffle bags. It was not a pretty sight, but it was a common sight at my old gym.

I am transitioning from one gym to a new gym — the West Bloomfield Power House. It is a brand new $3 million facility with new equipment, new people and hopefully a new phase of fitness for me.

Planet Fitness was good for me. It helped me lose 46 pounds in less than a year and gain new friends that I nicknamed “The Old People.” I was in a comfort zone and happy there, but I believe now is the time to venture into an uncomfortable situation and push myself further in my quest for good health.

I want to take fitness classes under the eye of trained professionals along with men and women who are in different stages of health. I began the process by taking my first spinning class, which sounds wimpy, but is the toughest thing I’ve gone through in life.

I thought spinning classes were groups of old ladies in granny glasses spinning yarn to make scarves and mittens, not a way to torture human beings on futuristic stationery bikes.

When I told instructor Nicole it was my first time spinning her eyes gleamed as if to say “I got me a newbie.” Then she proceeded to turn me into a pile of sweat. God bless Nicole. She’d come over to my bike every so often to say I was doing a great job. I know she was fibbing a bit, but it made me feel good to hear it.

I knew I was in trouble when a couple of the veteran women had Ezekiel Elliott thighs. We did a lot of speed intervals which lasted from 10-90 seconds. At the end the 10 second bursts seemed like an hour.

Even though I am sort of an ugly guy people say I look good following my weight loss. That’s because most of my gut is gone and my face is no longer puffy. The one complaint I hear is my ass is too small.

No problem. Power House has a class called butz and gutz and I plan on visiting soon for more torture.

I will never become like Thor. But I’d like a better body so I can admire myself in the mirror. The difference is if I ever get to that stage I will prance in the privacy of my own home.



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