Somewhere under the rainbow

double rainbow.jpgTRAVERSE CITY — Many of the ribs and beef brisket were consumed and our lips dripped with bar be-que sauce when strange clouds began to billow over the horizon.

I was part of a family outing on Grand Traverse Bay when the sky turned menacing. We didn’t run. We didn’t panic when it looked like one of those space ship hiding clouds from the movie Independence Day hovered in the distance. Instead of running for cover we all gazed at the sky.

I was waiting for a bright ray to zap us from the sky.

It was Big Pretty, the DK Broiler, Big Ralph, Abs, Brandon, Sarah Boo and other family members enjoying the Cherry Festival and other festivities surrounding it.

I should have known something was up when a family of nine ducks high tailed for cover. I’ve always heard that the animals are the first to go when the weather is about to turn bad.

It was 96 degrees and sunny but that was all about to change. We could see a layer of black clouds I’d never seen before. They looked like the waves off the Pacific crashing into boulders off the Hawaii or California.

Suddenly the calm sky turned windy with gusts of about 50-60 miles an hour.

“Maybe we should get inside,” somebody shouted.

I didn’t need a second warning and disappeared with the ducks and scampered inside room 104 of the Brio Beach Front Inn. This storm was moving and it was moving fast. It struck quickly. By the time I reached the room the monsoon hit.

The wooden deck we enjoyed lunch on was soaking wet and the family of ducks were huddled under a wooden boat deck.

I heard thunder and saw lightning as the storm pounded the area. About an hour later I poked my head outside and two surprises await. The temperature was 20 degrees cooler and a double rainbow played across the eastern horizon.

I’ve never seen a double rainbow before, especially one you could see from start to end. It sat in front off a white house on the Eastern shore about two miles away. I don’t know much about rainbows but wondered if we ventured to the white house would we be looking up at the rainbow or would it disappear?



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