Why can’t Detroit become the next Music City?

Nashville — They are dressed in colorful shorts, cowboy boots and daisy dukes. They add flavor to the West End and Broadway Street.

They boost the economy in Music City. And they are nice to look at. They are the brides maids and brides that make this the Bridle Party capital of the United States.

They come for the food, but they mostly come for the country music and the endless booze on Broadway Street.

I love the atmosphere here in Music City. My question is why can’t this happen in Motown?

A few years ago I couldn’t find anyone interested in coming to Nashville for vacation. Now folks from all around come here.

Downtown Detroit is enjoying a rebirth. We have new buildings, new hotels, new stadiums and new people. What downtown Detroit lacks is the old school identity that put us on the map.

Would a street or section that pays homage to Motown music and cars work the same way that Beale Street in Memphis and Broadway in Nashville work. In Memphis bars and restaurants are lined up blazing the blues. In Nashville there are dozens of bars with country music dominating the air. There are also hotels, gift shops, coffee shops and ice cream parlors.

Where is Detroit’s Motown Blvd? Motown Museum isn’t even a part of Detroit’s destination highway. It is tucked away on West Grand Blvd in an area that people don’t otherwise travel. I grew up with three miles of the Motown Museum and have never been.

We need a street downtown lined with the Motown Museum, the Motown Cafe, the Old 20 Grand Night Club, Motown Coffee, Motown pastries, Motown auto museum and the Motown hotel. It would be Greek Town with a motor city feel.

If Nashville and Memphis can do it, why not Detroit?




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