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surgery.jpgThe old me did not want to know what was going on inside my body.  I figured that if I were not feeling pain or discomfort that if something bad was brewing that it would eventually go away.

The new me wants to know everything that is going on in my body. If I am not feeling pain or discomfort today that it could eventually hit me.

Which is the smarter strategy for good long term health?

You guess it. Option two.

On Thursday I will be under the gas at Beaumont Hospital while doctors figure out why my stomach started leaking blood. I look forward to the procedure because obviously I want to know what the hell is wrong also.

My doctor said to pray that it is an early stage ulcer. I feel no pain. There is no blood in bowel movements. It’s as if everything is normal. If we decided to ignore it and let nature take care if things I would be doubled over in pain eventually and would face serious health risks.

Doc said we caught it “very, very early” which means it should be treated and I will be bugging you guys for a long time on twitter and which ever platform awaits in the future.

The procedure is called an Esophago Gastro Duodenosopy. In plain English it means they drop a camera with a flash light into my stomach and look for the tear..  Doctors will either fix the problem or prescribe medication to mend it.

That’s if it is an ulcer. If it is something else surgery down the road is possible. But I’m told that we caught the problem so early that surgery is not likely. I will be fine.

I will carry your thoughts and well wishes into the hospital. Thank you.

I write this blog for the many men and women who believe that if they are feeling fine then everything must be good inside. I felt really good the day my doctor said my blood work came back with a problem.

My numbers were really good, except my blood levels were lower than they should be. It was not a problem in December. It was a problem in May.

I had sprung a leak some where.

Now it is time to fix it and move on.

Now we patch it up and we move on.

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