The ATT rip off

iphone7-front-matblkIn the grand scheme of things I am a small consumer that cannot make a difference.

Most of us are.

I simply pay my monthly bills, accept the service no matter how crappy and move on. Not today though. Not with AT@T. I don’t feel like the company took advantage of me as much as it violated me.

I will have a family meeting with the plan of dropping AT@T as our cell phone service provider.

Here is my story.

On June 26 I went into my normally friendly and helpful AT@T dealer to upgrade my son’s Apple phone. The company was running a buy one, get one free sale.

I know that nothing is free in this world, but I bit any way so I can face time my daughter Celine who is attending school in California and is working this summer in Texas. In order to do that I had to purchase another line, which added $20 a month to our bill.

That’s not free.

I’ve told my wife Abs several times that many pro athletes carry two cell phones. The first is for family and friends to call. The second is the ho line that only their side piece knows about.

Abs did not want me having a ho line and demanded I get rid of it.

I realized within hours that this cell phone was not free and I wanted out of our deal.  The new phone also did not charge and by the time I marched in the next day to make the exchange, the phone was completely dead.

I was told by my normally helpful and friendly dealer that I could not exchange the dead phone and get rid of the ho line without a working phone. The dealer sent me to the Apple store.

I was told I had 14 days to make the switch.

Life lesson.

You cannot just walk off the streets and make a simple exchange at an Apple store. You need an appointment. Apple sent me back to my ATT@T dealer and said to exchange the phone there.

I tried and was told they could not take the phone back, go back to Apple.

I went to Apple three times and could not exchange the phone. Then I was about to play the “don’t you know who the bleep I am card” when somebody at Apple knew who the bleep I was and made the exchange.

That was on Day 14 of my journey. So I thought I was safe and made deadline.

Wrong again.

I got a new working phone from Apple and went to get out of my contract with my normally helpful and friendly AT@T dealer. The user names and pass codes we set up two weeks ago did not work of course.

Finally, we got through all the red tape and I was told to call 611 to finally drop my $20 a month line charge for the ho line. But I was told to wait until the next day until all the paper work went through until making the call.

I called 611 the next morning only to be told by AT@T that I missed deadline by one day and that my normally helpful and friendly AT@T dealer should have made the exchange  the minute I tried to return the phone.

Now I had to pay full price for my free phone to get out of the contract or pay nearly a year of line charges I have no intention of using.

I felt like the company stuck a knife in my stomach and twisted it. I wanted out completely and said I wanted to cancel all of our five lines, in addition to the ho line, and switch carriers.

A part of me asks what good will it do? AT@T will not miss my $200 a month bill and will probably charge me $1.5 million to get out of my contract. I am making the switch out of principle.

This old man does not need a ho line.






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