Down goes Foster: My Texas fall

dell setonAustin, Tx — The back of my left arm carries a deep plum purple bruise and doctors say part of it may turn yellow in the coming days.

Less than two hours after landing here to visit my daughter Celine I was taking a wild spill through the central Texas heat after tripping over a steel barrier near her apartment. My left arm caught the brunt of the fall and scrapped across the pavement.

It was my second spill in five weeks and this was by far the worst. During my fall, which seemed to last forever, I thought of an Eddie Murphy skit where he talks about his Aunt Bunny who falls down the stairs every time she visits the house.

She screams “Oh Jesus help me. I’m falling down the steps. Oh Lord Jesus Christ.” And Murphy makes this hilarious noise into the microphone of Aunt Bunny’s fall. I was Aunt Bunny.

The fall was so long that I had time to think of Aunt Bunny before landing with a thud.

My arm felt fine after picking myself off the pavement. I felt like a loser who was ruining the family trip. I could see the horror in my kids’ eyes as dad stumbled out of control. There was a minor burning sensation, but I was ready to go on with the rest of the day.

The family was taking a casual stroll from Celine’s apartment to Torcy’s Taco, which supposedly has some of the best Mexican food in town. I never found out. While my son Brandon and Celine enjoyed Torchy’s I was at Dell Seton Medical Center near the University of Texas receiving treatment for my arm.

By the time we reached Torchy’s my arm had swollen up so big that I looked like Popeye. Wife Abs said we needed to hit the nearest emergency room and I did not fight her. The arm looked gruesome.

Doctors took x rays of the arm and a half hour later announced there was no break. But a bunch of blood vessels may have exploded in my arm because I am on the blood thinner Plavix following a stroke almost three years ago.

I was told for the millionth time to be careful because the blood thinner causes bleeding. I thought I was being careful, but I did not see the steel barrier that was hidden along a grass line.

Five weeks earlier I found myself in an emergency room near home after falling down one stair in the house. I banged my head on the dry wall and Abs demanded that I go to the hospital.

I did not suffer any brain damage and after the purple mask disappears I should be fine after the latest spill.

I wonder how long it took Aunt Bunny to recover after her falls.

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