My prayers were answered

prayerWe were on a softball diamond talking about my latest health scare when the man asked if he could pray for my recovery.

I gladly said yes. I need all the help I can get.

Here is what has had me worried the last month. I was losing blood at an alarming rate and doctors could not find the source of the leak. They want my hemoglobin or blood levels to be a 13.0.

Mine had dipped to 10.2 in about six months. I was told 9.0 was a dangerous level. Two test failed to find the problem. Possible surgery or a blood transfusion loomed in the distance.

Later on that day when I was on the softball field I was supposed to get the long awaited diagnosis from my doctor. And I was supposed to take another blood test to see if my hemoglobin dipped again.

The man prayed that I’d find new healthy blood, that my body would reverse the downward trend and I would be sound again.

My hemoglobin had not returned to normal, but it increased to an 11.5 from a 10.2 in a month. That meant no surgery, no blood transfusion, no procedure where they fuse the holes in leaky blood veins.

Here is my treatment. Iron pills, blue berries, spinach and more red meat in my diet.

I guess prayers do work. Mine were answered.

When I had my stroke three years ago, I had a sleepless night where I wondered what my legacy in life was. Was I an uncaring jerk? Did I care about people? And who the hell would care about me if I did not emerge from this illness healthy?

I knew my family would care about me. And so did this guy walking off the field after his morning softball game.

People told me that they prayed for me while I was in the hospital. I felt your encouragement and it gave me hope.





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