Alert: Beware of Social Security scam

scam alertI am on the suckers list.

Over the past few months solitors have bombarded my cell phone with offers for hearing aids, opioids, car protection plans, cruises, cheap air fares to destinations I’d never want to go to in a million years (anybody interested in going to Mongolia?) and home protection plans.

Let me save the best scam for last. I received a call from the “Social Security office” who said that my social security number had been compromised in Texas where I just visited and that someone is money laundering in my name, has opened 11 bank accounts for thousands of dollars and rented a car where Texas authorities found two pounds of cocaine and blood in the back seat.

First they tried to get me to confess to the crimes. I didn’t. And then they wanted me to cooperate with them to avoid jail time. I didn’t. To crack the case all they needed was my social security number, what bank I had a legit account with and my home address.

They threatened to close all of my bank accounts, including the one legitimate bank account that I actually have.

The guy offered to do me a favor. I could withdraw money before they closed the account as long as I kept them on the line.

Like I said. I am on the suckers list. But I am not that much of a sucker. I probably listened too long, but the story was so good that the reporter in me took over and I took notes, including jotting down the agents badge number.

I told the old people that I work out with at Planet Fitness and my pal Larry Birds eyes lit up. He got the social security scam call also. They also said his social security number had been compromised and they threatened to cut off his social security checks if he did not cooperate.

He was a little smarter than me. He told the person that he worked for the Federal Government and that if he finds out this is a scam that he is going to prosecute. They immediately hung up.

People beware, especially if you are older. They pry on us old folks being gullible. Once I turned 55 the scams began rolling in at an alarming rate. Old people fall for these scams all the time. I woman told me that her mother fell for a scam. Someone call and said her son had been kidnapped. These people wanted to help her find her son but they needed travel money to investigate.

She gave them the money.

“They must be getting a lot of people’s money or they would not keep doing this,” Bird said.

We are under attack by scammers. They didn’t get me this time and make sure they don’t get you.

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