Free Detroit Tigers shirt turns into a gem

english dSometimes the best things in life are free.

The little train that storms around Comerica Park spitting out free T-shirts dropped one in my lap and people have been raving over it ever since. It is a simple orange shirt with a giant Old English D plastered in front.

I’ve only worn it twice but I’ve received at least a half a dozen compliments. During my  evening walk through the neighborhood I passed a woman walking with her child.

“Oh I just love your shirt,” she gushed.

Minutes before that a woman at the library said she loved the shirt. One of my neighbors asked me to give him the shirt.

I explained to the first woman how I got the shirt and she actually stopped to listen. Maybe she thought I was going to give her the shirt off my back. Not a chance lady.

I almost didn’t get this amazing shirt. I was in section 117 at the Tigers game with my son Brandon when shirts began pouring from the sky. The lady, who sat in front of me, didn’t get a chance at a shirt because she left to get food. I didn’t tell her that the shirt I nabbed feel right in her seat.

I scooped it up and put it in my bag.

“Geez,” the lady said. “I left at the wrong time.”

A sliver of guilt hit me. If she remained in her seat she would have caught the T shirt and taken it home. She noticed that everybody in the row in front of her and in back held a bundled shirt in their hands. I thought about reaching into my bag and giving it to her, but I am not that nice.

Would you give the shirt to the woman? Did I mess up?

I am glad I didn’t because people love it and I enjoy the compliments and conversations that follow.

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