Two years diabetes free

Today I celebrate another anniversary.

I used to be a type 2 diabetic. But this marks the two year anniversary of being diabetic free. My medication the last two years has been diet and exercise. After I suffered a stroke three years ago I was also diagnosed for the second time in my life with type 2 diabetes.

I shot 20 units of insulin in my belly every morning to control blood sugar levels. I was determine that I was not going to live the rest of my life like this. During treatment class I always remembered a cartoon of a guy driving a convertible with a red flag flowing in the wind. The caption said  “you are in the driver’s seat.”

In other words I controlled whether I was diabetic or not. I took control and became the guy in the convertible with the little red flag.

Months late doctors reduced my insulin shots from 20 to 12 units, then to eight units. And finally I heard the news I wanted to hear. Doctors were in agreement that I should be taken off insulin all together.

Here is how doctors determine if you are diabetic. A blood test measures your blood sugar levels for the past three months. If it is 6.0 or above you are considered diabetic. If it is 5.8 or 5.9 you are considered pre diabetic.

Anything below that and you are considered normal. I got the A1C blood sugar results this morning. I came in at 5.2 My A1C the last two years has ranged from 4.6 to 5.5.

I write this because 3 million Americans will become diabetics this year and they are told it is a chronic disease because Big Pharma wants you to rely on their drugs for the rest of your life. A doctor told me that a 45 minute work out is like a shot of insulin.

I spoke to a doctor’s group who wanted to know what I did to get off insulin. Their goal is to reduce the number of patients who are so crippled by diabetes that they eventually  have limbs removed.

I know of people whose A1C shot up to 14.5 and they felt dizzy and sluggish. I know of others whose A1C was around 20.0 and they had limbs amputated.

The key word is moderation. I drink beer, eat frozen yogurt and treat myself once a week to a pecan braid at Panera bread. But I mostly eat grilled chicken, fish and vegetables. I gave up pop or soda and drink lots of water. That combination resulted in a 43 pound weight loss.

I have my fun but I remain in the driver’s seat. And I want to stay there with my little red flag waving in the wind.


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