Riding the storm out

fallen treesOver the weekend one, final small branch fell near the driveway of our home.

That’s OK because I was able to move it out the way in short time. The last time branches fell it took nearly two weeks to clean up. Our neighborhood was the victim of a small but powerful storm that uprooted trees and fired very large branches at our house causing roof damage that still needs to be repaired.

I missed the storm. It only lasted about 60 seconds, but it was a dandy. I was reading in the basement when my wife Abs and son Brandon began to shout excitedly that “trees were falling all over the place.”

I of course told them they overexaggerated things, that no trees were falling. Then the house shook violently and I decided to see what was going on.

They were right. Trees were falling. We were lucky. The small but violent storm simply bent trees in half on our property causing branches to break, splinter and fall. I took a walk around the neighborhood and saw trees pulled from the ground. Three trees leaned against a neighbors house. One tree lay across a street near us.

And one poor woman surveyed her house trying to figure out how she was going to remove the five trees from her house. One poor guy had a branch pierce his roof and fall on his favorite easy chair. Thankfully he was not sitting in it at the time.

I tell people who live in Detroit, Ferndale and Royal Oak about the big storm and they look at me as if I am wearing clown pants.

“What storm,” they say. “Are you sure?”

This storm didn’t even hit every neighborhood within a mile of ours. It was like a small wild cat that hit some places and skipped over others. One man claimed he saw a small horizontal tornado. Everybody just laughed at him.

A more believable explanation is we got hit by powerful straight line winds. No houses were damaged unless a tree fell on them.

We are back to normal now. I now have enough firewood to last me for five years.

Now I must apologize to the wife and kid for not believing their story.

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