Lions fans lack staying away power for the Fords to change their ways

MARTHA-FORD-SELL-THE-TEAM-ROYAL-SHIRTI want a Martha Ford sell the team T-shirt as badly as the next guy.

However, the frenzy to convince the current Detroit Lions owner to sell the team is sexist and unfair. There was never this much frenzy against William Clay Ford during his decades of bad ownership.

Martha Ford is a better owner than her husband, William Clay Ford. He never wanted to get rid of folks no matter how incompetent. If he were still living Martin Mayhew, Tom Lewand and Jim Caldwell would still be running things.

Remember this was the same man that not only hired Matt Millen, but gave him a contract extension in the midst of the worst front office run in sports history.

William Clay refused outside help from the NFL because he thought he knew better. In turn he made bad decision after bad decision. Martha Ford is not perfect but at least she will look for outside help in her attempt to build a better ball club.

Hiring Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia may not have been the right move. But at least she did something and I’m willing to bet she will make a move quicker than her husband if she believes things will never work out.

Lions fans want to boycott the Thanksgiving Day game against the Chicago Bears to shame the Ford family. That is a good idea. However, a one game protest does little. And these same Lions fans lack the staying power to boycott games against Green Bay, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for the 2020 season.

Lions fans are lack crack addicts. They keep using and allow the Lions drug to abuse them.

Bad football isn’t new in Detroit. It did not start under Martha Ford. It is nearly impossible to just win one playoff game in more than 60 years. But the Lions found a way to do it. I was at the Lions one and only playoff win under the Fords. That 31-6 beatdown of Dallas was a game designed to determine the next great team.

The Lions won, but the Cowboys became the next great thing. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was much more daring and innovative than Ford.

Buy your Martha Ford sell the team shirts. Stay home for Thanksgiving. But that needs to be the beginning. Your anger and boycotts must continue if you want change. Better yet isn’t there someone among you who can buy the team and change the bad Lions culture?sell the team II

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