Lions right in keeping Matty Patty

Jets Lions FootballThe New York Giants fire coach Pat Shurmur after two years because he only won nine games.

The Detroit Lions keep head coach Matt Patricia after he won just nine games his first two years as head coach.

Who made the right move?

I actually like the Lions approach better although we will spend the next couple seasons seeing which philosophy worked the best.

I am old school. I do not believe in hiring and firing coaches every couple years. That leads to losing football because teams rarely jell and develop the right chemistry to become consistent winners.

You don’t trust Lions ownership. I don’t trust Lions ownership. That makes it easy to blast their every move. However, players will tell you that it is difficult to adjust to new ideas and new schemes multiple times.

Sometimes it is best to live with your mistake for one more season to see if it catches fire. It’s what the Lions are doing.

Let me issue a warning. The Lions will probably finish 7-9 or 8-8 next season and will boast how much the team has improved. Don’t buy it. Remember. 9-7 is not good enough. I knew General Manager Bob Quinn would choke on those words as soon as he said them.

Hold his feet to the fire. If the Lions cannot win 10 games in year three and make the playoffs, Quinn and Patricia must go.

The Lions are living proof that the good ol’ boys network does not work. This franchise was built on pals hiring pals.

Owner William Clay Ford began the trend when he hired drinking buddy Russ Thomas as general manager and kept him on for 23 years despite Thomas running the franchise into the ground and pissing off players left and right.

Then they hired Thomas’ buddy Chuck Schmidt. When the Lions hired Matt Millen, one of the first things they said was he is a good guy. Another pal.

And now Quinn hires his New England BFF to run the team. This has become the good ol’ boys network run amuck.



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