Someone robbed my bank

warren bank robberI never saw the bank robber. I was not in the building the same time as him. But there was something exciting by stumbling across a bank robbery scene.

One moment there is calm. The next moment police cars are surrounding the Huntington Bank on 10 Mile in Warren with lights flashing

And moments after that I am talking to an excited motorist at the next door Marathon station who saw the suspect running out the building down 10 mile.

“Yeah he was a fat dude and he came running where you are standing just a few minutes ago,” the man said. “You just missed him. He had his money in one hand and was holding his pants up with the other.”

I shook my head, not because the dude robbed the bank but I thought the fad of wearing your pants too big and showing off your underwear had passed. I guess not.

Police said the robber was 5-foot-10 and weighed 240 pounds. He jumped into a silver Pontiac G6 and sped off. No one knows if he had a weapon, but he intimated to the teller that he was carrying a gun.

This was my first trip to the area in many years. My daughter Celine was getting her hair done at a salon on Gratiot in East Pointe and she said her debit card stopped working. So I went to the bank to get her a new one.

Not quite. The place was being robbed and the doors were locked. Police swarmed the place and placed an official lockdown on the building.

Now my wife has issued the ridiculous rule that I am only allowed to go to banks near the house.

I will try again today. Hopefully none of the customers are wearing masks and dark sun glasses.




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