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jimmy kingEvery six months I pile into Dr. Lawrence Eilender’s Southfield office for a check up. He has me do quick finger exercises, monitors my speech and personality and evaluates my progress.

Eilender is a neurologist and I’ve been seeing him along with my primary care physician Dr. Lisa Elconin routinely after suffering a stroke more than three years ago.

People often ask me how I’m doing. The short answer is I am doing fine. That, however, is not the complete answer. I am doing well, but there are days that still suck. They often happen when I do too much.

I am lucky. I am leading a near normal life, but I cannot push the envelope as much as I want. My blood pressure spikes and I feel miserable for a few days. That happened a few weeks ago when I grew tired of the Mt. Everest pile of leaves in my yard and attempted to scoop them up.

Bad mistake.

I gave up the task, hired somebody younger, and now you can see the dead grass in my yard, which I am thrilled about.

My stroke was a weird disorder. I never felt pain during my recovery and rehabilitation. It effected me mentally. I withdrew from society and still struggle with that part of life. Part of my rehab was going out with friends and try to stay engaged in conversation as long as possible. I am much better at it but there are times when I say I’ve had enough and want to disappear.

After my stroke I knew I needed to eat better and exercise. I lost 46 pounds, hit the gym four to five days a week and take this sometimes grueling and often fun class called “Body Pump” led by the fabulous Stephanie. People often say I look good. Maybe they mean to say I look different.

It is hard for an old roster like me to look good.

That was the physical part. Dr. Eilender says I did a great job of exercising the body. Now I must exercise the mind more. He wants me to do things I used to do before getting sick. That’s one reason I write these blogs in the basement along with stories that never see the light of day.

Now I am adding on to my rehab and desire to communicate by doing a podcast with former Fab Five member Jimmy King. The King and Foster Show debuts today at 1 p.m. at

You can also find the podcast on Apple and Google Play. We will add a new episode every Thursday and Friday afternoon. It will include a lot of sports. We will peak behind the curtain of being a professional athlete, member of the Fab Five and sports media.

What did the Fab Five do the night Chris Webber called timeout near the end of the 1993 National Championship game against North Carolina?

Why did these players rub their asses on the Spartan S after beating Michigan State at Breslin Arena?

Who tried to fight Shaq? It sure wasn’t me.

What Detroit Lions coach cussed me out because he did not like my columns about the team? And what is the full story behind the Adrian Dantley finger wag during the Detroit Pistons championship run?

Stay tuned.

We will also tackle real life issues. The tough part of being a parent. Blacks for Trump. Why brothers are petrified when pulled over by the police. Is my son Brandon pulling my chain by saying he wants to go to Western Michigan University despite me being a proud Chippewas?

A few months after my illness I made a brief attempt to resume my radio career. Dr. Eilender advised against it. I thought he was an overcautious quack.

He was right. I got sick after every Valenti and Foster Show and was passed out in bed by 7:30 p.m.

I could not remember things. I was not quick and I was not sharp. I retired and life is much better. Dr. Eilender wants me to do a podcast because it is not a grind like doing four hours of radio Monday through Friday.

He also believes it will make me happy.

I hope you give us a listen.









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