Why does color matter?

Color matters.

But why?

My son Brandon wanted red wireless Beats Pill Speakers. The cost was $229.. While shopping for the reds I found the exact speaker in black for $119.

Guess what color speaker the boy got for Christmas.

I’ve not gotten one complaint about the black ones. Drake sounds the same in black or red.

A few weeks before that I shopped for boots at Nordstrom. I saw a pair of kick ass black ones for $200. I hesitated. The sales woman said if I didn’t mind oatmeal color that she could get me the same boot for $89.

Oatmeal can be just as kick ass as black.

My old workout shoes were getting worn and tattered. It was time for a new pair. I went to Dick’s and saw a cool pair of orange Nike running shoes for $79. Before reaching the checkout lane I saw the same pair of Nike running shoes in white with a cool looking speckled pattern on the sole.

I snapped them up figuring that they also cost $79. When I checked out I was charged $119. I paid $40 for the cool colorful pattern on the sole. The first time I wore them a woman in the gym commented about my cool speckled pattern and said she liked it.

We had a good talk about the shoes. That was cool but it was not worth $40. The only reason I got them is because I’d already gone through the line and did not want to jam everybody else behind me.

I’m finding that color does matter. But I don’t get it. A $75 pair of jeans should cost $75 whether they are blue, brown, red or green. The same for a pair of gym shoes and a speaker.

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