Devoted Barn the Ritz for rescue animals

melissa dogmelToday I come to the defense of a friend.

I come to the defense of somebody who is way different than anybody I know.

I come to the defense of someone who has been falsely accused of animal neglect.

I come to the defense of Melissa Borden who runs the Devoted Barn in Holly.

She is an animal advocate, not an animal abuser as some misguided souls have classified her on the Internet. You can’t even joke about mistreating animals to her.

Let me give you some background. Melissa is passionate about animals. We live in a world where animals are abused. They are chained outside left to starve and die. They are beaten, burned and used as props to stage deadly fights for human entertainment.

Melissa rescues these animals and nurses them back to health on her version of the Ritz Carlton for animals. They get a second chance at life. And we are not just talking dogs and cats. She houses horses, pigs, llamas, goats and cows.

I have a saying in life. “They only hit the person who carries the ball.”

Mel carries the ball for animals. And she gets hit.

There have been vicious attacks against this woman’s character on Facebook. I looked them over for the first time this morning and was stunned that people believe her to be a fraud. She is not.

I have walked her property with and without her. I have seen no animal abuse.

I have been inside her house and have seen no animal abuse.

I have not seen hundreds of dead animals on her property as someone accused her of hiding.

I have been in all the barns on the property and do not see signs of abuse. I do think one of the barns is haunted. But she has no control over spirits.

Unfortunately, people go by the motto of “if its on the Internet it must be true.” We are also at a stage in life where people lie at the drop of a hat. And if they repeat a lie loudly enough and long enough, people tend to believe the lie.

Melissa does not find animals who are having a nice day. She finds those who may be living their final days. They come in with one eye, one nose, three legs and little hope of living. She makes sure life is as comfortable as possible and helps extend that life.

If you believe in the Devoted Barn then keep on believing. Your donations and volunteer work is going to a good cause which is headed by a good devoted person. See what she does at

Maybe she works too hard. Mel has a bed in her house. She only sleeps in it two nights a week because she is running around at night helping animals who need her.

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