Going down like the Godfather’s Moe Greene?

moe greenI broke one of the cardinal rules of the hood and survived.

Usually when somebody threatens somebody and leaves it means they are coming back to seek revenge with a hand gun. This too often happens on the playground during pickup games of basketball.

Today, it happened while I was in the barber chair getting my beard trimmed.

Let me set this up. One of the dudes that patrols the streets near Puritan and Livernois is a former basketball player who played at Mumford and the University of Hawaii. He played professionally in Australia and used much of his earnings on drugs.

Drugs ate him up and he is no shape mentally to be roaming the streets. But he is. This dude should be tucked away in a mental institution.

The barbers felt sorry for him and have bought him food, boots and socks. Now he feels as if they owe him more. He came in today begging for $5 but the barbers said no.

He went off on a tirade.

“You promised me that money,” he screamed. “You are always fucking me over. I’m going to fuck you up some day.”

That should have been my clue to exit the chair.

This guy once kicked in the front door of the shop and shattered the glass. He threatens them on occasion but has done no harm. I was assured that he was a guy who was out of his mind, but would not return to shoot up the place.

When one of the barbers put a hot towel over my face I thought about Moe Greene who was shot in the eye in the Godfather. Thankfully it did not happen to me.

The rest of my stay was peaceful. The guy even walked past the shop again but went about his business.


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