Drugs and crime claim another victim

crack headA few weeks ago a man stormed into my barber shop and threatened one of the barbers. He was a former basketball player who let drugs get the best of him. He also suffered from mental problems and had no business roaming the streets.

I wondered if he’d come storming back into the shop and shoot the place up. I won’t have to worry about that in the future because a few days after his outburst he was found dead from a bullet in his head a few blocks away.

The case remains unsolved although police questioned the barbers, wondering if they knew who might have killed this guy. The speculation is he yelled at the wrong person and was murdered.

Another person who badly needed mental help is dead. Nobody knows what his final days or hours were like. They simply know he needed to be in a mental institution. His family tried to get him help, but as soon as they admitted him in a facility he snuck out the back door back into the streets that claimed him.

It is a shame. Although I only witnessed the angry side of this man I felt for him.

A bullet killed him but drugs played as a big a role in his death. If drugs didn’t put him in an out of control state maybe he doesn’t piss off his killer. Maybe he is not roaming the streets in 30 degree weather. Maybe he is somewhere enjoying a home cooked meal.

There are too men and women roaming the streets of Detroit who need mental help and assistance to get off drugs. The streets will eventually claim them.

No one knows about them. Nobody cares about them.

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