My son is Westward bound

wmuI am a proud graduate of Central Michigan University. The school provided the base for me to enjoy a long and productive career in journalism and communication.

People there rooted for my every step from novice reporter at The Detroit Free Press to veteran Pistons beat writer and columnist at The Detroit News. The school also provided me with the means to pursue a career in radio.

I am even in the CMU journalism Hall of Fame and take a peak at my plaque every time I visit the journalism department at the student newspaper CM Life.

Even when I retired folks in the journalism department wanted to make sure I was doing fine. I love CMU  because the school did right by me.

With that said my son Brandon will attend CMU’s biggest rival in athletics and academics — Western Michigan University. And he will do it with my blessings.

I wanted him to be a Chippewas, but I could not in good conscious fight for my school when I saw the joy in his eyes while walking the WMU campus. Brandon is not interested in journalism or communications. He wants to study business.

The Haworth College of Business at WMU is a beautiful new building equipped with the latest technology, study halls and facilities where the boy could spend the entire day there before retiring to the dorm

It is also more important for him to study and live on a campus with more diversity. And the final selling point for him was his stomach. He absolutely fell in love with Western’s new dining facility and all the food options available to him.

CMU fit me like a glove. I am hoping the same happens for my son at Western.

The irony of this is my pal Jennifer Hammond is a proud Bronco, but her son went to CMU because it was a better fit for him.

We are rivals, but we are not bitter rivals. Probably the drunkest a Western student became during their four years was in Mt. Pleasant during Western-Central weekend. And I know a number of Chippewas who got shit faced with Broncos in Kalamazoo.

We don’t cheer when Western is losing a football game unless it is against dear old CMU.

I visited WMU in full Central gear and was treated like a king for the weekend.

I know some of my CMU pals will be disappointed that my son has my blessing to go to Western. However, the most important thing for my son is to find the best fit for him.

Blood is thicker than water.

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