We must investigate why Art Van is closing

ArtVanLogoHow in the hell does Art Van close?

Everybody in the state of Michigan has several pieces of Art Van furniture in their home. And it was probably purchased during one of the company’s zany sales.

“Hey folks hurry on down to Art Van for our one day President’s Day sale. Everything must go”

“Hey Detroit. We are having a post day President’s Day sale. But it only last a short time. So you’d better hurry down to Art Van.”

“In case you missed our President’s Day sale or post President’s Day sale we are having a one day Feb. 1 sale. But hurry. It only last one day.”

“Hey lovers. It’s Valentine’s Day. Come to Art Van for our Valentine’s Day sale.”

“Hey Metro Detroit. We bought too much inventory. Come on down to Art Van for our over inventory sale. We must clear the ware house immediately.”

The sales kept on rolling. There was also the Fourth of July sale, Back to school sale, Labor Day sale, Memorial Day sale and the Let’s just have a sale for the heck of it sale.”

Art Van is a Detroit institution. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how sales people pounced on you when you walked in the store. Can’t you let me breathe a little bit?

I had another one-time issue with Art Van. When I was younger I wanted to upgrade the furniture in my two bedroom apartment. I went to the Art Van store on 14 mile and per usual a sales person pounced on me.

I told them I was looking for a bedroom set. They walked me past all this beautiful furniture into a back room where I swear the dressers were made of paper and cardboard.

I made a snide remark, saying that I lived in a two bedroom apartment, not on the streets where this furniture belonged. I walked out, went to Gardner-White and told the sales person he was about to make the easiest sale of his career.

Art Van was rolling so well that its owner once bought a house that was so big that it sunk into the ground. Then a private equity company buys it and sinks the business into the ground.

Something is fishy and my hope is that a team of reporters from The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press are launching an investigation into what really happened to Art Van.

Art Van has launched its final liquidation sale. I hope that sale is followed by the Just kidding knuckleheads. Did ya really think we were going out of business sale.

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