Corona virus hits close to home

corona virusMy daughter Celine is concerned. So am I.

Stanford University is shutting down because a health care worker tested positive for the Corona Virus. There are no more classes for the rest of the school year. Celine wants off campus and we want her off campus also.

What’s the point of staying? You can do online classes anywhere, including at home.

There is a risk, however. What if she has the disease? There are no signs, but often 20-year-olds don’t show outward signs. But if she has it and passes it along to me there could be complications because of my age.

It is a risk I am willing to take. I am confident she does not have Corona virus. Whether she has it or not we are going to quarantine her to the basement. I won’t be allowed down in my sanctuary and that’s ok.

The World Health Organization just called Corona virus a pandemic, which is a serious distinction. But I believe the subtle changes in my life will keep me and my family safe.

We already cancelled a trip to Florida for spring break.

I sometimes forget and still shake hands with friends. But I sprinkle that in with fist bumps, elbow taps and happy fingers in the air.

My wife Abs thinks about it every single moment of the day. I don’t.

I refuse to hoard hand sanitizer and toilet paper or wear a mask. And I am not giving up my daily trips to the gym.

I plan to show up for Tigers Opening Day. I am getting some corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day and I plan on attending sporting events.

This disease has spread all over the world and recently we received out first positive tests in Wayne and Oakland Counties. It is near, but I am confident of staying Corona Virus free.

I wash my hands with warm soap and water. I avoid people who cough or have snot running down their noses. And if I show any signs of fever or the flu I will let you know and stay in the house for at least two weeks.

Has there been overreaction in the media? Yes. But this is a necessary overreaction. We know the Boogie Man is coming and it is up to the government and the media to let us know something is lurking even if we can’t see it yet.

I want to hug my daughter when she comes home. But to be safe I will greet her with happy fingers in the air.



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