Love means staying away from those you love

I love to play around with my family members and tell them how much they don’t love me.

My daughter, who is in California, was on the other line when my son handed me the phone. She’s decided to stay at Stanford University, despite the school shutting down for three weeks.

The school reported its first case of the Coronavirus and Celine suspects other students are infected but don’t know it. She could be one of those students, although she is showing no signs of the virus.

Celine thought of returning home because the original game plan was to shut the school down for the remainder of this semester and for the spring quarter also. That’s all changed now.

She is remaining in California and not returning home.

I gave her my sad face on Face Time and said: “I know why you don’t want to come home. Its because you don’t love me and want to stay as far away from me as possible.”

Celine then rolled her eyes.

“Hey goof,” she said. “I don’t want to come home because I do love you. I’d feel terrible if I got you sick.”

Smart move.

If she came home I’d vow to stay away. But I couldn’t resist giving her a hug or playing with her ears, cheeks and chin. If she had the virus I’d catch it too.

Although I feel stronger than I did a few months ago while recovering from a stroke, the family is very concerned because of my age (61) and past health issues.

Maybe everybody feels that way because they do love me.



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