Brown, Sweet and Delicious

7up cakeWhen I was a good boy Mother Dear — my grandmother — would make me 7 Up cake, fried apple pie or peach cobbler.

They were so delicious. And I often long for those days of excellent treats  that danced off your taste buds.

On Thursday’s a local baker brings in slices of 7 Up cake and sell them for $3 a slice at my barber shop. I’d grab one every so often. It was good, but it was not Mother Dear good.

My pal Melissa knows about my love of 7 Up cake and whipped one up for my 61st birthday. It was not good. It was Mother Dear good.

She even made a Vernors cake, something my grand mother was afraid to bake because she didn’t know how it would turn out. This was also Mother Dear good.

It was so delicious that I gave a slice to my son B, who was having a bad day. It not only filled his belly, but put the boy in a good mood. Now that is good eating.

I thrive in life to be like Melissa’s 7 Up cake. Brown, sweet and delicious. I’m sure I fail at that, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Melissa is not a baker by trade. She saves animals and her story needs to be told. We are meeting soon to bring her aboard the NRM Streamcast family where she’d present her own animal rescue podcast.

This woman saves dogs, goats, horses, pigs and llamas. The only thing I’m disappointed in is she has yet to save a moose, which is my favorite animal that I have yet to see in the wild.

I want to help with the podcast in any way I can. How does a single mom run a farm, organize dozens of volunteers and battle haters while not pulling out her hair? We will find that out on the podcast and learn how Melissa helped save a 400-pound pig stuck in a basement in Detroit, takes trips to Thailand to help with their rescue efforts and still manages to have fun.

I can’t wait to see her podcast up and running. And maybe she will even teach us how to make 7 Up cake.

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