Corona Virus freedom restrictions could cause military state

Close-up photo of US marine with his rifleWe held the Last Supper this afternoon at Red Coat Tavern in West Bloomfield.

It was the final meal the men would have together until Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s  3 p.m. shut down of full service in thousands of restaurants across the state of Michigan.

One of the men at the last Supper was a military man who was called into active service earlier in the day.  He predicted that the worst is about to hit us. It won’t be because of the corona virus. The worst is about to come because of bad human behavior.

He wasn’t called to active duty because something exploded in Iran or Iraq. He was called to active duty to police you and me.

The government is anticipating people becoming antsy and unruly because of the freedoms that are about to be taken away from us. He predicts 8 p.m. curfews and other restrictions that will send our citizens over the edge.

Afterall we don’t want to become another Italy, Iran or China.

That is why he was summoned for active duty and must go away for some quick training.

The shit is about to hit the fan.

Here is how these things usually work. Somebody will be out in the streets after curfew. A military person will remind the person of the curfew and demand they go home. The person will refuse and a subsequent melt down results in confrontation.

Our rights are being taken away because of the corona virus. Restaurants and bars are closing. Games are off the air. This all means people can’t stop in their local watering hole for a burger and beer while watching a basketball or baseball game.

Soon you must hustle home from work to be home at a certain time.

The government has already stressed the importance of a new term called social distancing where we must remain six feet from one another in a restaurant that cannot be 50 percent occupied or an event that cannot exceed 50 or 250 people.

We are being told that these new rules must be strictly enforced to stop the spread of corona virus. Everybody is not buying in, which is going to cause problems between the public and authorities.

Brace yourselves. It won’t be the corona virus that gets you. It will be other people. It will be like the Walking Dead. We are no longer fearful of the walkers. It’s the living and breathing human beings that are scary.


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