Social distancing is boring

empty barIt’s Friday night in the big city.

And I’m bored stiff. I want out of the house. I want to hoist a beer, tell a joke and hug a friend. But I cannot. Every bar and restaurant is closed. And even if they weren’t I’d remain home.

There are two new words in our lives. Social distancing.

Staying in is the right thing now for society. Social distancing is pure anguish for me, but it is what we must all do. We must do our part to make this corona virus pandemic go away as quickly as possible.

I never knew how much I needed outlets until spending most of the last seven days in the house. I want to go to a movie. I want to go to Willson’s Pub and I want to go to Mexico Lindo for a margarita.

I want to window shop at 12 Oaks, check out the new streets and shops on the Avenue of Fashion. And why not? How about a quick trip downriver?

I want to tip my friends in the restaurant business who have gotten very few hours the past week. They can’t get unemployment because they remain employed. They are simply earning zero hours.

We don’t want our young people congregating for fear of spreading the disease to older people who are more likely to die. I don’t want the Corona virus because I am one of those old people.

My family became upset because I left the house for my monthly oat meal run at Trader Joe’s in Bloomfield Hills. But I didn’t even get to stock up on oat meal because the line to get in the store was 30-40 people deep.

My guess is they don’t want too many people in the store at the same time.

There goes those words again. Social distancing.

I am not a social distance person. I am a hugger and shit talker. I love to smile and am learning how to laugh again.

I can’t wait for that first Blue Moon, that next joke and that next laugh in a crowded place.

I am a social guy, not a social distancing guy.



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