Welcome to Foster Hall, the new age dorm

dormitory_wakakusa_3Our home is now a dormitory because of the Corona Virus.

And that could be the case for at least six more months.

Daughter Celine, now a junior at Stanford University takes online classes in her bedroom. She has a sign on her door that reads Stop when she is in class or deep in a study session. She switches to Go when she is taking a break.

We feed her and house her just as they did at the dorm at Stanford.

A few feet away son Brandon is finishing his senior year at West Bloomfield High School. He claims that he is not bothered that he could finish the year with no prom, no Senior all night party and no graduation party.

Graduation is still on the books for the final week of May. But school officials warn parents a May graduation may never happen. A tentative date of Aug. 2 has been set. That of course may not happen either as our state remains on lock down.

Brandon is a Spartan at heart and he received good news last week that he has been accepted at Michigan State University. I was prepared to watch my some attend Western Michigan, his top choice until MSU came through.

I am advising him not to attend MSU in the fall if the school continues online classes. We are prepared to keep the dorm open a little longer and have him take online classes at Oakland Community College. Its a lot cheaper and this allows the boy to get a job near the house and put money in his pocket.

MSU can wait until winter.

I’ve canvassed the neighborhood and we are in a similar boat families are hosting their children who huddle in the basement, their living rooms and kitchens for online classes at Michigan, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Cornell and Kansas (Rock Chalk).

Clothes, mini fridges, books, microwaves and other personal items remain locked inside real dorms across the country because kids were ordered out of real dorms and didn’t have time to fetch belongings before returning home.

Celine was quarantined in California for seven days, tested negative for Covid 19, and then flew home. Because she traveled through airports in San Francisco and Detroit we quarantined her in our basement for 14 days as a precaution.


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