Take the food and run

doordash-square-redWhat would you do if Door Dash delivered a meal to your door step that you did not order?

We were hoping that the neighbor that got the free food would say this meal does not belong to me. You have the wrong address. Can you take this food to the right address.

Well that didn’t happen and my son Brandon did not eat the meal he craved all night. Instead he had to eat crab cakes that I made two hours ago and were not only cold but breaking down.

Here is what happened. Brandon craved barbeque and shelled out $18 for Door Dash to deliver a bar be que dinner. Sometimes when you GPS our address it takes you to another home a block away.

That’s what happened this time. The driver drove up, said delivery for Brandon. The man reached out, took the food and ate it. I’m not sure I would eat food that was not ordered by me during a Pandemic.

What would you do?

Take the food and run? Or give the food back?

Just curious.


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