George Floyd murder hurts

Every time I see a video of a black male being murdered by the police I cringe. That person in a choke hold or being riddled by bullets could be me.

I am upset by the murder of George Floyd because he died like an animal when that Minneapolis police officer pressed on his neck so severely that Floyd’s only resort to try to save his life was to utter “I can’t breathe” and “You are killing me.”

This ongoing blemish in America is so shocking and so frightening that even white America is saying “Hold on. What’s going on here?”

Black lives matter.

Before I go on let me address a common retort that I hear from people when they hear those words. They counter with “white lives matter” or “blue lives matter.”

Here is how I counter. We already know that white lives matter. We already know that blue lives matter. What we must pound into America’s head is that black lives matter also. We have families who love us. We chase the American dream like everybody else.

But I believe that in a moment of stress that it is easier to kill a black male than a white person. We’ve always been considered savages in this country unless we can catch a football or penetrate the lane and dunk.

And let me throw in one more. Or if you can write or talk about sports to the masses. I have benefitted by celebrity.

Over the years I’ve gotten business cards from police officers from Walled Lake, Detroit, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Grosse Pointe and the Oakland County Sheriffs Department who’ve shared similar stories.

So why did these officers give me their business cards? They’ve told me that anywhere from 95 to 99 percent of their fellow officers are good people. They will stop you, write a ticket and send you on your way with a smile. But they admit that there are odd balls in their departments who don’t like black and brown people and want to make sure that the full blunt of the law is thrown upon their shoulders no matter how minor  offense.

I feel lucky.  But everybody does not have a guardian angel looking over their shoulders. And what happens to me if I am in LA, New York or Minneapolis?

I am not in law enforcement. I am not a judge or attorney. But I’ve seen enough to say that the police officer that murdered George Floyd should be charged and put on trial.

And let’s end this madness.

If I every run into one of these cops they have invited me to give them a call so they can make sure things do not escalate.

send send you on your way.

The stories they tell are similar, that 95 to 99 percent of their blue brothers are grea They said they liked my work in the media and want to make sure that if I run into one of these rouge officers that I get out of the situation safely. They invited me to call them and they would make sure I am OK.

I am lucky. Most black males don’t have guardian angels looking out for them. Some are treated like animals. Some are killed for minor offenses or traffic stops.

It sickens me. It scares me.

Usually when

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2 thoughts on “George Floyd murder hurts

  1. Terry, I enjoy reading your work and still miss you terribly on the radio every day.

    Yes, there are many white people…including this one..who were and are sickened when these types of incidents happen. There are literally no words…nothing I can find in my vocabulary…to let you know how badly I feel.

    Prayers for a change, a TRUE change.

    Stay well. C

    1. Thank you Cindi,
      I enjoy doing the blogs and I’m happy you found it. It is good to hear that these incidents sickened you. I just ran into too many people that did not care.

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