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riotHome girl was pissed as she shouted these words.

They came from the lips if Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms as she lambasted looters and protesters who have burned, looted and attacked police officers. You could see the anger and look of disgust in her face and in every word she bit off in frustration.

“Go home.”

These people in Atlanta and Minneapolis are no longer protesting the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. You are not thinking about George Floyd when you burn stores and steal clothes and food.

You are becoming a thug and an asshole.

“We are better than this,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

That’s simply not true. America is not better than this. We keep following the same pattern of violence whether it is celebrating an athletic championship or protesting misconduct from the police. We are a violent country. We are a violent society.

That’s us. We must own it.

And what is our president thinking? Donald Trump is fanning the flames when he recycles the words of an old racist cop.

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Those are his words and they do nothing to help the situation. Trump claims he did not know the origins of these words. Do some research. They got Google in the White House. Besides, it is still wrong for a United States president to promote shooting United States citizens in this manner.

I need one more thing from our politicians. Instead of just telling us how many national guard troops you are bringing in or telling us how much damage has been done I want one of these politicians to tell us how we are going to be better protected from the police. What are you going to do to protect citizens.

I am angry too about the murder of George Floyd. I am angry also about the murders of so many black males at the hands of police across this country. I have chosen to vent my anger through words.

And if I were to join a protest I would do it peacefully as most people do. From what I’ve read and from previous protests I have attended, they all begin peacefully. Sometimes families bring their children. But as the sun sinks into the west, these law abiding citizens pack up and go home to be replaced by the thugs and rabble rousers.

They show up to protest the murder of George Floyd. But within minutes their thoughts turn selfish. This is a good time for them. Burning a store does nothing for Floyd’s memory. It does not change the chapters that led to his death.

It just makes us all look bad.

Pay close attention to some of these looters. They are not randomly pillaging a store. They are shopping. Now that this store is under riot control let me get those pair of Nikes I want. Let me get that navy blue Polo shirt I want.

This is not honoring George Floyd. It is taking advantage of a situation.

It is not telling police that they must do better. It is taking advantage of a situation.

If you are angry about the murders of George Floyd and other black males at the hands of police I encourage you to go downtown and protest. Be my guest.

But if your intention is just to harm innocent business men and women who have nothing to do with this or shoot somebody I have just two words for you.

Go home.


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