Can someone provide solutions during our troubling times of division?

riotI never want another 911 type attack to hit the United States. However, I crave the unity and love we showed one another afterwards.

Today, we are fighting a pandemic and the ugly protests following the death of another black man to the hands of police. I do not see unity during these times of troubled waters.

I see division and hate.

If you wear a mask to fight the pandemic you are an ugly screaming liberal.

If you don’t wear a mask you are a racist who does not care that the virus is devastating the black community.

Conservative politicians tell us the riots are the fault of Antifa liberals trying to push their agenda.

Liberal politicians are telling us that White Supremacists are doing most of the damage.

No wonder this country is so jacked up. We receive wildly different and conflicting messages daily from our leaders. It is sensory overload and the general public chooses what it wants to believe.

That usually leads to a 50-50 split in opinion and further division in this country. I’m sick of it.

I often go back to the words of Rodney King. Can’t we just get along?

I had hope for us in the immediate murder of George Floyd when I saw white people marching next to their black brothers and sisters. Then things turned ugly and riots hit dozens of major cities across the country.

People were more interested in looting Target than seeking justice.

Instead of solutions we look to place blame. I am still waiting for one politician to tell us how he or she plans to lead us out of this mess and formulate plans for this to never happen again.

Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Since we are playing the blame game, let me get my licks in.

Do you know who I blame for the crisis we are in regarding the protests and riots?

Is it the liberal politicians who lead these cities? Nope.

Is it Donald Trump? Nope.

I blame the hundreds of jurors who watched the same videos we saw of evil cops killing harmless black men and finding them not guilty. That led the public not to trust the system. That led to more anger and feeling of helplessness.

That leads us to today where America is burning.

We don’t have time for solutions. We are too busy trying to place blame.

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