Let’s open those restaurants back up

restaurant2I woke up last night because of a dream.

Bob Wojnowski, who is often my Friday night date, and I were so eager to go to a restaurant for the first time in three months that we took the bus. Our cars were broken and we wanted good food. We wanted to listen to the clank of dishes and the murmur of the crowd.

Those are the things I miss about going to a restaurant with family and friend. Of course good food is the main star, but there are other things about bars and restaurants I miss.

Monday is opening day for our bars and restaurants to open again during this annoying and deadly Covid-19 crisis. Although I will skip opening day at my favorite place because it falls just before an important doctor’s appointment, I hope to be there soon.

I don’t need fine dining. I don’t need fancy decorations.

For instance I love taking my son Brandon to Shake Shack for lunch. He loves the hustle and bustle of officer workers who try to cram a burger, fry and shake down their throats during a 45-minute lunch break.

Those moments remind me of my childhood when my grandmother and I ate at a now long forgotten downtown Big Boy. I loved my Big Boy combination and free comic book, but I also loved being around men in dark suits and ladies in pretty dresses who went over briefs during their lunch break. I pretended to be doing the same as I stuck my nose in my Big Boy comic book.

I felt like a big shot.

During Michigan’s stay home orders we mostly cooked at home and saved a lot of money. The family treat came Friday nights when we had Door Dash deliver a meal from one of our local restaurants.

We had one bad experience. GPS sometimes sends you to a house that sits behind ours on a dirt road. My son ordered barbeque. That house received a free meal and ate it. My son did without his meal that night. Other than that we discovered a new way to eat without leaving home.

Sadly, some of my favorite restaurants may not return. This stay at home order was devastating for many restaurants as their business decline by as much as 90 percent. As it is I wonder how many can survive with a 50 percent capacity cap when they do open back up.

I’m excited. I’m ready.

See you soon. And don’t forget to tip well. Your server has had a rough go of it.


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